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The dam breaks – and could throw the economy into further chaos


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In Russia, a dam collapse shuts down an important railway line. Soft news for Putin at a bad time. © Image gallery: IMAGO / ITAR-TASS // Nexta_TV

A broken dam blocks an important Russian trade route. The damage is said to be in the billions and will hit Putin’s economy hard

The Moscow-Ukraine war and sanctions imposed due to its illegal aggression against the neighboring country are damaging Russia’s economy. It has been like this for ages. But only in the last few weeks Ruble in free fall. Putin’s oil and gas machine seems to have run out of steam. Right at this moment, a dam bursts – and could cause huge problems for the Russian economy.

The incident took place in the Buryatia region. According to regional governor Alexey Siteno, a dam broke there – with “major consequences,” he explained. The breach reportedly burst the banks of the Solotnaya River and damaged a railway line vital to Russia’s economy.

Russia’s economy takes a new hit: the dam cuts off an important trade route

“The train service is suspended,” Sydenov wrote via Telegram on August 20, announcing that nearly 200 meters of railway track had been damaged and ten supports of the communication network. “Damage to the country’s economy due to idle cargo amounts to billions of rubles,” said the regional governor. In addition, there will be costs for rehabilitation of the railway line.

It seems that there was no damage to the houses due to this incident. The politician also did not say anything about the people injured in the dam collapse.

The independent Belarusian news agency Nexta confirmed that a dam had broken in Buryatia. Here too, it is said that the train traffic along the “Baikal-Amur Mainline” has been stopped. “Recovery will take at least a week, and there is a risk of major losses,” the agency wrote, releasing footage of the situation on the ground.

Russia’s most important trade route along the “Baikal-Amur Magistrate” was affected in the incident. It is an important transport route through Siberia. With a length of nearly 4,300 kilometers, it is one of the longest railway networks in the world. It ends in the port city of Sovetskaya Gavan on the Pacific Ocean.

Another post by the regional governor shows how delicate the situation is: he says that a state of emergency has been declared in the region. Accordingly, they are actively engaged in the work of alignment with a large force. However, the incident certainly comes at a completely inopportune time for the weakening Russian economy.

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