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The Acolyte finally reveals its true villain in a stunning episode.


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Yesterday we had a full episode of The Acolyte, a re-enactment of the events of Episode III that showed Osha being recruited by the Jedi while her jealous sister started a fire that ended up killing everyone in the group, including her parents.

Well, it turns out that things didn’t quite go that way, as has been strongly hinted at up until this point, but road This story is very impressively crafted, with Saul portrayed as a villain with noble intentions.

At first, I wondered if the idea was that complete The story of Episode III was fake, where the Jedi attacked the base, killed everyone, and literally wiped Osha’s mind so she would forget about it. That didn’t happen either, but the truth was still very disturbing.

  • From the beginning, Saul simply feels “force feelings” that Osha is supposed to be his assistant and wants to leave the group.
  • Saul considers the group “dangerous” because of their unconventional use of force, but there’s absolutely nothing he sees that shows the girls in any real danger. He thinks Usha is in trouble because she apparently rejected her sister’s mark, but he really has no idea how this society works, and in episode 3, we see that they have a set of strict but loving parents. Even then, the mother, Anisia, He was I’ll let her become a Jedi in the end.
  • Padawan Turpin acts completely Selfishly, once he understands the rare, force-based nature of the split-consciousness twins, he immediately races to steal them in order to obtain a ticket back to Coruscant.
  • Sol, who was supposed to stop him, does the opposite, and invades the base alongside him. This results in a fight in which Sol kills Mother Anisia for using magic he doesn’t understand. Mother Corel, understandably enraged, uses magic with the rest of the witches to possess Kilanaka. Teacher Endara frees him from it using force. Some say this killed the entire witches, but I think it’s more likely they were just knocked unconscious and killed by fire while they were unconscious. I’m still not sure what happened to Mother Corel. There are hints that she or the other witches are still in Kilanaka’s head, given that he draws snails on the walls of his house.

  • The fire turns out to be a complete and total accident. Mai didn’t set the fire on purpose, which we didn’t see in Episode 3, she was just trying to burn Osha’s Jedi drawings. But it got out of control very quickly, and the Order members weren’t there to help put it out because they were… fighting the invading Jedi.
  • Then, at one point, Sol is literally given the choice between saving Mai and Osha, and chooses Osha as who he believes is the “good person”, and presumably allows Mai to die.
  • He never told Osha this, instead simplifying the story and erasing any bad things the Jedi did. Mai started a fire, and everyone died. I’ve seen some people question why Mai said she wanted to know everything when she was present for everything, including seeing her mother killed. But I think people miss the fact that she didn’t know the Jedi didn’t tell Osha any of this and instead simply blamed her for the fire. That’s why she was so confused when she first met Osha.
  • The only person who was mostly right here was Teacher Endara, who acted the way she should have, telling Sol that he was letting emotions cloud his judgment, knowing that the girls had immense power but adhering to the Council’s decision to leave them and the Covenant alone. If they had simply listened to her and left, none of this would have happened.

I see a lot of similarities here between Qui-Gon and the previous films, where he thought he was doing the right thing and “saving” the Force prodigy Anakin and training him even though he was old. But what Sol did here was worse. At least Anakin was living like a child. Literal The slave and his mother wanted him to leave him. Of course Anakin turned out to be the most dangerous Sith alive, but his role was ultimately his own choice and the result of continued corruption, even if Qui-Gon was the one who set the events in motion in the first place. Again, I strongly believe that what Sol did here was worse, especially since, you know, he slaughtered dozens of innocent people just to end up “saving” one girl who didn’t need saving.

I’ve stopped being “confused” about The Acolyte , as the last three episodes have confirmed that this show is doing something truly impressive in the Star Wars universe, regardless of the stupid feuds that arise with toxic fans every given week. But with only one episode left, it’s pretty clear that it’s going to require a second season, which I’m not sure it’s going to get. But I hope it does, because this is the most interesting examination of the Jedi and the Force that we have in the entire current era.

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