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Inside Out Actor Apologizes for Criticizing Vin Diesel’s Unprofessionalism: ‘Sometimes I Tell Myself I’m Stupid’ | Hollywood


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A few days ago, Paul Walter Hauser, the voice actor for Inside Out 2, mocked Vin Diesel during an interview and criticized his unprofessional behavior on set. Two weeks later, Paul posted an apology for his comment and shared a lengthy statement on his Instagram account. He said he made an “unnecessarily mean comment” that was unnecessary. (Read also: Inside Out actor feels insulted by Vin Diesel comparison, slams him for unprofessional behavior)

Paul apologizes for his comment

Paul Walter Hauser said he has never met Vin Diesel in person.

In his post on Sunday, Paul wrote: “A few weeks ago, I made a random comment about Vin Diesel. It started out as kind of funny, but turned into me criticizing him for behavior I’ve heard about on multiple occasions from multiple sources.”

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“I shot Friday night, got an hour of sleep, and then flew to LA from Atlanta at 6 a.m. to do a full day of press for Inside Out 2,” he added. “I was exhausted, and in my exhausted state, I blurted out and made an insensitive and unnecessary comment. That comment was recorded and then went viral.”

“I’m sorry I made that comment.”

“I just want to say I regret making this comment. I feel very angry about some of the behavior I have witnessed or heard about, and ‘shaming’ people can make me feel temporarily good,” he said.

He pointed to Vin Diesel, then added, “As a professing Christian, I should try harder to love people and not try to ‘right the wrong,’ or allow my selfishness to feign some verbal flexibility. That’s not a plus for our culture, and can hurt others. @vindiesel – I apologize. Thank you for entertaining and making so many people happy. I try to do the same. It’s time to be quiet. Sometimes I talk to myself until I do something stupid.”

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Paul had previously responded to rumors of Vin Diesel’s on-set misconduct, expressing his displeasure at being compared to the actor who voices Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. Paul also voices Embarrassment in Inside Out 2.

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