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Talks about the nuclear war: Lavrov accuses the West of intimidation


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Nuclear war talks
Lavrov accused the West of intimidation

After Putin warned of counter-weapons, the debate over global nuclear war erupted. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov blames the West for this – the question of nuclear war remains only on the minds of Western politicians.

Russia has accused the West of intimidation in the face of warnings of a nuclear war. “Everyone knows that World War III will only be a nuclear weapon,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. However, this question only arises in the minds of Western politicians, not the Russians.

“I assure you that we will not allow any provocations that could upset our balance,” Lavrov told Russian and international media in a state television interview. “But if (the West) starts unleashing a real war against us, those who make such plans should think about it, and I think they think about it.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the proliferation of nuclear weapons. This includes nuclear weapons.

Lavrov now insisted: “We have a military theory that describes the parameters and conditions for the use of nuclear weapons.” There will be no “increase for promotion”, he said. “But talk of a nuclear war is going on right now.” It is up to the west. He accused the Western states of being “hysterical”.

The Minister was particularly critical of the United States. “I remember the following comparisons: Napoleon and Hitler once wanted to subjugate Europe. Now the Americans have subjugated it,” Lavrov said.

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