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Suspicion of alleged poisoning attack in Ukraine


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Dசsseldorf According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has begun efforts to mediate between Russia and Ukraine, and appears to have been poisoned in the process. According to the Journal, Abramovich and the two men involved in the Ukrainian talks suffered from symptoms of poisoning after a meeting in Kiev in early March. The Wall Street Journal cites several sources for the events. The report has not yet been verified.

According to the dpa news agency, participants in the evening talks in Ukraine contradict this interpretation. Ukrainian negotiator Mikhail Potolyak said on Monday that all members of the negotiating team would work normally. “The information industry currently has a lot of speculation, different versions of the plot and elements of one or the other information game.”

Intelligence points to a higher probability that this is due to environmental impacts, not poison, a U.S. official said. He did not want to comment on the details.

Ukraine war: Roman Abramovich’s poison not proven

Rustem Umirov, cited as a victim in the Wall Street Journal, wrote on Facebook that morning, “Everything is fine with him.” “I am just fine. This is my response to all the gossip that is being spread. Do not trust any information that is not verified. We are also in an information war.

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The Bellingate Study Group, on the other hand, said it could confirm that three members of the delegation involved in the peace talks on the night of March 4, 2022, showed signs of chemical weapons poisoning.

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Abramovich is one of the Russian oligarchs on the Western sanctions list and is known as the former owner of the British football club Chelsea FC in the West. After mediating in Kiev, he also met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, who writes that he showed symptoms such as red eyes and skin disorders. These indicate toxicity.

Poison attack on Abramovich possible: Are Moscow extremists guilty?

The Journal cites several sources close to the talks, which they consider to be participants’ poisoning. It is not yet known who caused the poisoning. According to the WSJ, those close to Abramovich did not want to express any doubts. Other sources make it clear that the practice was criticized as shameful.

Abramovich reportedly did not hold real mediation talks with Chelensky but with a group led by Crimean MP Umerov. New talks between Russia and Ukraine are set to begin in Turkey this Tuesday.

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