“Analysis of our preferences”: Sweden’s head of government does not reject NATO membership

“Analysis of our possibilities”
Sweden’s Prime Minister has not ruled out NATO membership

Sweden is testing its neutrality. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the risks and dangers are increasing. The Prime Minister is now stepping down from rejecting NATO membership. This topic may dominate the election campaign.

In Sweden, joining NATO is no longer a political ban. “I do not in any way rule out joining NATO,” Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson told SVT. The Social Democrat is still regarded as Sweden’s advocate of coalition neutrality. Swedish security policy is currently under review. “In order to make the best decision for Sweden, we would like to fully analyze our options in this situation, including the risks and risks associated with it,” the Prime Minister said.

Sweden is not a member of NATO, but acts as a close partner of the military alliance in Scandinavia. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has re-ignited the debate over NATO membership in the country.

Access “Unstable?”

On February 24, the day Russia invaded Ukraine, Anderson refused to allow his country to join NATO. On March 8, he sparked controversy by claiming that Sweden’s attempt to join a military alliance could have a “destabilizing” effect on the situation in northern Europe. Moscow has warned NATO against further expansion.

According to opinion polls, the number of Swedes supporting NATO members is increasing. The proportion of those who refuse to take surveys has recently dropped to 25 to 30 percent. In neighboring Finland, there is intense debate about possible access. Finland shares a long border with Russia.

The NATO issue is expected to dominate Sweden’s election campaign this summer. The country’s new parliament will be elected in September. Opposition leader Ulf Christensen has already announced that he will apply to join the coalition if he wins the election.

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