Sleep, weight, soul – this is how hormones affect our body

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Sleep, weight, soul – this is how hormones affect our body

Science teacher Elizabeth Croft Science teacher Elizabeth Croft

Science teacher Elizabeth Croft

Source: Amin Akhtar, WELT

From birth, hormones control important processes in our bodies: for example, our sleep and our eating habits. But cycle and sex drive. Dr. Franca Parianen explains how the hormone cycle, body and mind work together and what we can do if our hormones are out of balance.

DMany of us probably know that the female body goes through a hormonal cycle. But did you know that men also go through hormonal cycles? How the two differ and, above all, how they perceive themselves, Dr. Barriers. At the Helmholtz Institute of Utrecht University, he studied the origin and structure of human coexistence at the level of neurons and hormones.

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