Shocking revelations in Giuliani trial

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Vandrea “Shay” Moss, a former Georgia election official, becomes emotional as she testifies before a panel investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, June 21, 2022. © Jack Gruber/Imago

Donald Trump’s former lawyer accuses election worker of election fraud in 2020 Shocking information was revealed in the investigation of this case.

A former election worker in Fulton County, Georgia, painfully recounted Tuesday (December 12) how her life was turned upside down after Rudy Giuliani and her mother falsely accused her of trying to steal the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump. He filled out postal voting forms in Atlanta.

It began on December 4, 2020, when Vandrea “Shay” Moss testified — a former Trump lawyer and New York City mayor — that Giuliani tweeted surveillance video of vote counting in Atlanta and falsely accused “observers.” Suitcases full of ballots from under the desk after the poll workers went to the houses.

“That day changed everything, everything in my life changed. . . . Everything just turned upside down. . . . That day, lies were spread about me and my mother … crazy lies,” Moss said in federal court in Washington.

Moss described being terrified as she walked the three blocks to the parking lot that night, crying as she read the news that she was a “dirty f—ing n—-r b—h” and made a special appointment with a hairdresser to have her hair cut and dyed to change her appearance. She had planned the trip.

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The effects are also lasting, Moss, 39, said. He began suffering from panic attacks and was eventually diagnosed with major depressive disorder and major depressive disorder. In April 2022, he quit his $39,000-a-year job with the Fulton County Registration and Elections Department, loving his job and comparing it to Willy Wonka winning a golden ticket.

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“I wanted to retire as a county employee like my grandmother and make her and my mother proud. But I didn’t do it,” Moss said through tears.

Ex-Trump lawyer accuses election worker of election fraud: “Disgraceful, untruthful and unfair”

Moss’ testimony came on the second day of a damages trial against Giuliani, who Moss and his mother, Ruby Freeman, sued for defamation in U.S. District Federal Court. U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell issued a default judgment against Giuliani in August after he admitted failing to provide evidence in the case. The jury’s task in this week’s trial is to decide what damages to award Giuliani. Moss and Freeman are seeking up to $47 million in damages.

Throughout Moss’ testimony, Giuliani sat motionless at the defense table and watched. At intervals he took notes with thick colored pens. Moss cried repeatedly, often hanging her head as she spoke. Beyond being emotional, the lasting impact of the whole experience, he said, was disbelief that someone of Giuliani’s stature could so recklessly destroy his career.

“How can someone with so much power go out in public and talk about things they clearly don’t understand?” Moss said. “These are obvious lies and my reaction is that they are offensive, untrue and unfair.”

Its impact reverberated through his family. Her 14-year-old son, who once received racist texts and calls on a cell phone owned by his mother, failed all of his final exams that semester, she said. His grandmother, who was living with Moss at the time, received pizza deliveries from harassers for which he owed money. A pizza was ordered for a person whose first and last name sounded like a racist epithet that sounded like the N-word. Texts, voicemails and emails accused her of treason and threatened her with execution.

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Rudy Giuliani is President Trump's former personal attorney
Rudy Giuliani is President Trump’s former personal attorney. © Aaron Schwartz/Imago

US Election 2020: Ex-Trump lawyer Giuliani’s campaign staffer faces serious allegations

“They kept telling me that it was a death sentence and that they could hang me and my mother. That was my concern,” Moss testified. “I was scared for my life. I literally felt like someone was coming to hang me and there was nothing I could do about it.

On cross-examination of Moss, Giuliani attorney Joseph D. Sibley IV sought to ask whether outsiders or the public misinterpreted the vote-counting process on Election Day and videos or observations of the counting floor at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. Places where women work were excluded. But his attorneys objected, saying Sibley’s questions were intended to establish whether Giuliani’s statements might have been justified — something Howell said was improper. Giuliani has already admitted responsibility for false statements.

Sibley suggested that others besides Giuliani were responsible for some of the damage caused by the two workers. “Do you have any reason to believe that Mr. Giuliani wanted people to react to his statements about you and your mother and make racist comments about you?” he asked. He then asked: “Do you have any evidence that Mr. Giuliani threatened you or your mother with violence because of his comments?”

Moss responded that Giuliani had convinced others that poll workers must be Democrats because they were black. “He doesn’t know who I’m voting for,” Moss said.

“He wanted to search our house and arrest us. “He didn’t say who should do it, so the world reacted to him,” Moss continued. “Trump and his cronies, including Mr. Giuliani and his people, picked up the torch, they started it, and a whole bunch of media spread their lies.

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Ex-Trump lawyer sticks to Giuliani allegations: ‘Was busy changing votes’

Howell began the day by making comments to Giuliani as he left the courthouse the day before after he boldly slandered two Georgia state election officials. In a court filing late Monday, attorneys for Freeman and Moss asked Howell to intervene following claims that Giuliani, who plans to testify at some point, repeatedly denied to reporters outside federal court that the women rigged the 2020 vote-counting process.

“Everything I said about her is true,” Giuliani said, according to an ABC News report cited by attorneys for Freeman and Moss. He added: “I certainly have no regrets. . . . I told the truth. They were busy changing votes.

Howell railed against Giuliani, saying his comments could spark another defamation case and pointed to what Sibley told jurors in his opening statement that the plaintiffs were good people. Sibley said: “There is no doubt that these plaintiffs were victims. “They didn’t deserve what happened to them,” Giuliani said, denying he was to blame.

Sibley told Howell that he was not sure the statements were consistent with each other, but that he was not present and could not control all of his client’s statements outside of court. He also suggested that Giuliani’s age might be an issue. Sibley said the case has “taken a toll on him,” adding that Giuliani is nearly 80 years old.

On Tuesday afternoon, Howell accepted a request from attorneys for Freeman and Moss to deny Giuliani an opportunity to testify in his defense while he withheld testimony from the workers.

Attorneys for Freeman and Moss also presented two witnesses who described the Georgia Secretary of State’s investigation and findings denying the charges against Freeman and Moss. They also showed video of the depositions of Giuliani adviser Bernie Kerig and attorneys Jenna Ellis and Christina Popp, which show that Giuliani led the Trump legal team’s efforts to change the results of the 2020 election, creating an avalanche of misinformation on social media. False claims from Georgia.

December 27, 2020 Giuliani’s strategic communications plan lists key fraud allegations in several swing states, including Georgia’s No. 1 claim, the “suitcase gate,” to put pressure on Republicans in Congress and prevent them from confirming the election results.

Kerik admitted to tweeting three weeks ago that Freeman gave Moss a USB stick to falsify the vote count. “What could be on this USB stick? What’s the secret to pretending it’s a drug deal? Or is it just a fantasy?”

Moss and Freeman said the mother gave her daughter mint.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys played a video of Ellis repeatedly asserting his right against self-incrimination when asked questions about statements he or Giuliani made about whether the 2020 election was rigged. Ellis pleaded guilty in October to illegally conspiring to thwart Trump’s 2020 election loss in Georgia and admitted making several false statements to state senators.

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