Shashi Tharoor reacts to Bill Gates and Narayana Murthy’s proposal for a working week

Since its publication, his post has received a lot of reactions from netizens.

Infosys founder Narayana Murthy suggested that India’s youth should work 70 hours every week to boost labor productivity and the country’s overall economy. This remark by the businessman sparked an uproar online with a few people, including JSW Chairman Sajjan Jindal, supporting the idea while others also questioned the long-term health implications of having a work schedule consisting of unreasonably long working hours. . Meanwhile, a Microsoft co-founder recently stated that “the purpose of life is not just doing jobs” and discussed the optimistic side of AI for jobs. The billionaire stated that artificial intelligence would free up workers for more constructive work, on a recent episode of Trevor Noah’s What Now? Podcast. “So, if you end up getting a society where you only have to work three days a week or something, that’s probably a good thing,” he said.

Responding to the views of two tech leaders, Congress member Shashi Tharoor Written on X, previously tweeted, “Bill Gates says three-day workweek should be possible.” In other words, if Mr. Gates and Mr. Narayana Murthy sit down together and compromise, we will end up exactly where we are, with a five-day work week!”

Since its publication, his post has received a lot of reactions from netizens.

“Hahaha, and if @elonmusk joins them, the average could reach 10 days a week,” one user said.

“4 hours is the moderate working hours that can only give the workers the best output. It will be a joy for the employees as well,” one person added.

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Another user suggested: “Let’s make a deal and make it 4 days.”

One user added: “Both are true, if the work is not well organised, even 7 days a week, it may not work, if planned 3 days long enough. They are speaking in their context.”

“Murthy talks about catching up with the West. Gates talks about a future where AI assistants are integrated into our lives and we can get more done in less time,” says one person.

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