Severe storm and heavy rain: Greece 1000 liters of rain, floods, landslides

It’s like a slice of hell. First, a prolonged drought is fueling fires in many parts of southern Europe, and extremely hot air from north of the Sahara blows repeatedly across the Mediterranean region. Low pressure areas are now active with cooler air and more severe storms are being triggered again and again.
Because of the hot summers the energy potential is immense and the scorched and dry soil has little to resist the water masses. Massive landslides, flooding and extensive erosion, which means the removal of valuable topsoil, are at risk.

Deep Daniel brings plenty of water

While the stormy conditions in the western Mediterranean centered on Spain are now slowly abating, the situation in the east around the Aegean Sea is on the upswing. A low pressure area has formed here, which has been given the international name Daniel and brings enormous water masses. This applies to both short and long term. Within a short time, 200 to 500 liters per square meter can fall, and in some models up to 850 liters per square meter. That’s unfortunately not the end of the road.

For current rain radar

The amount may be higher by the end of the week. On average, based on well-known weather models, a total of 500 to 800 liters is possible in the predictions. There are even calculations that want to send more than 1000 to 2500 liters per square meter to the race.

This seems too high and thus more consistent with the maximum estimate. At the same time, it also reflects the possibility of the next few days. The area of ‚Äč‚ÄčThessaly with the cities of Larissa and Volos is at the center of the largest body of water – but it has nothing to do with Thessaloniki.
A little side-by-side comparison: the annual rainfall in Berlin is about 650 liters per square meter.

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