The two well known mobile manufacture companies, Apple and Samsung, have come up with their latest fully feature loaded smartphones. In an event, Apple has launched its new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 plus today. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is getting more popularity than iPhone 8 and 8 plus. Galaxy Note 8 is giving a stiff competition to iPhone 8.

Equipped with latest hardware features, the Galaxy Note 8 has come up as one of the best smart phone that one can buy.

Apple in its new iPhone 8 has removed the old home button to let its users enjoy something new with face recognition system. But the Galaxy Note 8 has the home button for its users. The home button will not be visible easily to the users.

The user will not get any headphone jack in Apple’s iPhone 8. But taking up a challenge, Samsung gives a headphone jack in its Note 8. It is somehow appreciated by the people.

With the latest screen technology, both the mobiles have OLED display. But one will get more resolution in Galaxy Note 8 as it has a 2960×1440 resolution where as iPhone 8 has a 2436×1125 resolution. As per a test, the Galaxy Note 8’s display crosses a remarkable 1,200 nits whereas iPhone 8 only has 625 nits. It is clear that when doing outdoor viewing, a user will not face any difficulty in the Galaxy Note 8.

Today, facial recognition technology is creating more buzz among people. The iPhone 8 has the latest face recognition unlocking feature. But sometimes this function may put the user in trouble. The Galaxy Note 8 will not only give you the feature to unlock your phone with your face as you can use the iris scanning technology to unlock the device. This again adds some points on the Galaxy Note 8.

In storage facility, iPhone gives you a limited storage facility depending upon the model purchased. But the Galaxy Note 8 offers you a micro SD card slot so that users can increase the memory capacity as per their need.

The Galaxy note 8 users will get more speed as the device comes with 6 GB RAM whereas iPhone 8 only consists 3GB RAM. Hence, one can feel the difference in speed while doing multitasking.

With a similar price tag of $1,000, one of the major differences that the user will get is the S pen. The Galaxy Note 8 comes with the S Pen. It will allow you to operate your phone very conveniently and you can almost do all work using the S pen. In case of iPhone 8, the user will not get any such feature.

It is somehow clear that the Galaxy Note 8 has some features and can give iPhone 8 a strong competition. However, time will show who is winning the race.