Sage Steele claims that Barbara Walters assaulted her

Sage Steele has alleged that Barbara Walters attempted to assault her after a segment on Barack Obama in Scenery green room.

the previous Thursday Sports Center The announcer told Megyn Kelly about the alleged 2014 incident during an episode of The Megyn Kelly Show Podcast.

It was Barbara, Whoopi [Goldberg] And I’m in the dark green room to the side,” Steele began. I was probably about four feet from the wall and the litter box, and Barbara was standing right here in front of me. She just started to back away at me and looked at me and came closer and kicked me, pushing me back against the wall and into the trash can. I was like, “What have I done [she] just do me? This 140-year-old woman just tried to manipulate me.”

Walters, who created, produced and co-hosted the view For 17 seasons, she passed away in 2022 at the age of 93. At the time of the accident Steele describes, she should have been about 85 years old. A representative of the Walters estate told Yahoo, “I find this implausible and unfamiliar to Barbara!”

Steele claims so the view Co-host Whoopi Goldberg witnessed the event. “Some producers saw him. Whoopi saw him,” the 50-year-old broadcaster claimed.

And Whoopi was like, ‘Come here. She was amazing. She pulled me aside in her own little area and said, “Don’t let her do that.” And I’m like, “Am I in a movie right now?” One legend in the industry tried to beat me up!”

Yahoo has reached out to Goldberg’s representatives for comment on the matter.

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Steele isn’t the only celebrity who has claimed to have had an aggressive confrontation with the late star. In June, Rosie told O’Donnell Hollywood Reporter that she had a shouting match with Walters, with whom she had a friendship before she was hired. She said the feud stemmed from Walters’ lack of support for her amid another dispute – with Donald Trump – and escalated when O’Donnell made a comment about Walters’ daughter.

Steele also used her time The Megyn Kelly Show podcast to discuss her recent departure from ESPN. In 2022, the The TV host sued the network and its parent companyDisney, alleging breach of contract and freedom of expression. The lawsuit came after Steele made controversial statements about ESPN’s COVID policy and former President Obama.

The former host informs Kelly that her duties have been withdrawn and that she had to apologize before being allowed back on the air. “I didn’t want to apologize,” Steele said. “I fought. I fought and begged and screamed, and was told that if I wanted to keep my job, I should apologize. … I knew there was a line somewhere. I didn’t know where it was until I crossed it.”

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