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Sage Steel College Barbara Walters dresses backstage at The View – The Hollywood Reporter


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Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele has alleged that late journalist Barbara Walters set her up behind the scenes at the view.

The veteran sportscaster has recently come out on top episode of The Megyn Kelly Show Where charged the view The creator assaulted her after a segment on former US President Barack Obama, while also discussing her controversial departure from ESPN. During the conversation, Steele mentioned that there were other witnesses to the alleged physical altercation provoked by Walters, who was a creator, host, and co-producer of the show for over 15 years and died in 2022.

It was Barbara, Whoopi [Goldberg] Steele recalled during the podcast episode, which was released Thursday. “I was probably about four feet from the wall and the trash can and Barbara were standing right here in front of me.”

Steele goes on to describe Walters’ movements, saying that she began “backward towards me and looked at me and came close to me and elbowed me.” She added that the physical contact “pushed me back up against the wall and into the trash”, leaving Steele to wonder what Walters had just done.

“This 140-year-old woman just tried to manipulate me,” the former SportsCenter co-host continued. “Some of the producers saw it. And Whoopi saw it. And Whoopi was like, ‘Come here.’ She was great. She pulled me sideways in her little area and said, ‘Don’t let her do that. One of the legends in the industry to beat me!”

In a statement, a representative for the Walters estate said Hollywood Reporter“This is unbelievable and uncharacteristic of Barbara!”

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THR He reached out to Goldberg’s representatives the view.

Steele too Discuss her recent passing from the network, just days after settling a lawsuit against ESPN, in which it alleges the company retaliated against her and violated her free speech rights after she made controversial remarks regarding a COVID vaccination requirement, and separately questioned Obama’s race during an appearance on the show. “Uncut With Jay Cutler” podcast in 2021.

Steele shared that despite her departure from ESPN, she “loved” her over two years at SportsCenter, calling her former producers and co-host Matt Barry “the better team.” But he said that “there are different rules for me than for everyone else” who shared their personal views both on the network and on other platforms.

Steele has settled the lawsuit with ESPN, it was announced Tuesday, saying in a statement on X (formerly Twitter), “After successfully settling my case with ESPN/Disney, I have decided to leave so that I can exercise my First Amendment rights more freely. I Grateful for the many great experiences over the past 16 years and I’m excited for my next class!”

5:15 pm: Updated with a statement from the estate of Barbara Walters.

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