Sabotage already has a team working hard on Sea Of Star’s DLC

In case you missed the initial announcement, the indie RPG Sea of ​​Stars will receive some free DLC in the future.

This has been It was originally promised during the game’s Kickstarter campaignand in an update after the game’s release (via Radio Canada), game director Thierry Boulanger confirmed that half of the team is already working on downloadable content (DLC). The other half of the studio is dedicated to Sabotage’s upcoming project.

The DLC for Sea of ​​Stars is titled “Watchmaker PainsIt’s possible that the developer’s new RPG will tie in with its previous action platformer, The Messenger. As indicated earlier, the two games appear to take place in the same universe, thousands of years apart.

The original Kickstarter for Sea of ​​Stars stated how the DLC would be a “full side adventure” and would “expand further on the Sea of ​​Stars universe and provide additional insight into the overarching narrative” of the Sabotage games.

Sea of ​​Stars was released on Switch and several other platforms at the end of August. On its first day, it managed to transfer more than 100,000 copies. The game was also highly praised by fans and critics alike. You can find out more in our own review here on Nintendo Life:

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