Ryan Gosling isn't taking any more “dark roles” for the sake of his family

Ryan Gosling

I'm moving beyond the “dark roles” these days…

I must protect my family!!!

Ryan Gosling He's staying away from heavy material when it comes to acting these days — and the reason is simple… he has a family now, and he doesn't want to be a drag around them.

The actor spoke to The Wall Street Journal about this, explaining that simply Not performing certain roles Who feels too dark or psychologically disturbed… because accepting this kind of work will eventually have an impact at home, with Eva Mendes And their children.

RJ says he's thinking about what kinds of segments/movies would be good for the whole family – and will delve into things he thinks will help him bond with his partner and their two daughters.

Ryan goes on to say that this started when he started working on “La La Land,” adding… “It was like, 'Oh, this is going to be fun for them too, because even though they don't come to the set, we We practice the piano every day, dance or sing.'”

Of course, it goes without saying…the same thinking was applied to his role in “Barbie” — something he says his daughters revolved around, which brought them closer together.

In other words, if you feel like Ryan is doing more mainstream/popcorn stuff lately – as opposed to his more gritty indie films – then you're 100% right…it's all on purpose. As it turns out… blockbusters go down a little easier, and that keeps him light on his feet.

While fans of his more serious films may be disappointed to hear that — because, frankly, he's a very good actor when he has something meaty to chew — it's too bad!

The homeboy has different priorities now…and he'll still pitch softball.

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