Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce step out together in Malibu after their trip to the Bahamas

Posted: 10:21 PM PDT, March 24, 2024

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelsey They stepped out together in Malibu on Sunday to enjoy a dinner date and some sushi.

the High-ranking power couple They were spotted sitting down to eat some food together at Nobu Malibu, where they caught the attention of several customers at the West Coast hotspot.

“Taylor walked into Nobu Malibu around 4 p.m., and she looked more gorgeous up close than she could ever imagine,” Nobu Malibu restaurant patron Brandon Shrine tells ET. “She had a lot of security with her when she walked in from the front and she was wearing “High heels and all glam, looking totally ready for a date.”

Sherine added: “She was escorted to the back of the restaurant and smiled at everyone. The energy was everything. It was as if the whole room stopped and all eyes were on her.” “I was there to celebrate my birthday, and I'm the biggest fan ever, so today was a dream come true.”

Chreene shared some snaps from the outing to her Instagram Stories on Monday afternoon, complimenting Swift on her restaurant look.


“Travis later came out of the back of the restaurant…and was smiling as he walked into the restaurant,” Sherin recounted. “He stopped to say hello to a few people at their tables.”

According to the diner, “There were just two of them and they sat in a very private part of the restaurant, which was closed off from anyone else. It seemed very important.”


Kelce's day date with Swift in Malibu comes shortly after It was spotted in Cleveland, Ohio, earlier this weekend.

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The 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs running back hit up Geraci's Slice Shop in downtown Cleveland for some pizza. Kelsey — who grew up in Cleveland Heights — was photographed on set wearing black sunglasses and a baseball cap.

The stop in his hometown in Northeast Ohio comes after a trip to the Bahamas that Kelsey took with Swift, 34, in mid-March. The couple were spotted on the island of Eleuthera by some eagle-eyed holidaymakers who filed Photos for online celebrity blog DeuxMoi.

Swift is currently on a short hiatus from her record-breaking Eras Tour, which is set to resume in May, kicking off her European leg in Paris, France.

However, it won't stop completely, later this month, she will release her long-awaited eleventh studio album, Section of tortured poets. The album that She announced at the Grammy Awards After winning her 13th statue, it will be released on April 19.

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