Russians wanted to shoot down NATO jet: A glitch intervened | Politics

Shocking news from America: As a leaked Biden administration document confirms, there was a near disaster last September.

A Russian pilot wanted to shoot a missile at a British jet! Had it been shot down, it might have provoked the NATO alliance.

► Great fun for everyone: Outdated technology from the Russians that has not been properly maintained for years. Because: Only because of a technical error, the rocket didn’t ignite – but the planes came dangerously close.

Miscommunication and technical failure

► According to two U.S. defense officials, the Russian pilot misinterpreted what a radar officer on the ground told him and thought he had permission to fire.

The pilot shot at the British plane! But the rocket did not fire.

In British aviation: A crew of about 30 – RC-135 Rivet Joint engines are used to fly reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea.

The “New York Times” classified document says the near-miss incident is public knowledge, but the scope of the situation is not. However, the near disaster also explains why British spy planes over the Black Sea often took place in the presence of Typhoon fighter jets for protection following this incident.

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► In October, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, 52, described the near miss as “dangerous” in a briefing to MPs after a Russian fighter jet fired “a missile in close proximity” to a British plane.

However, one of the now-leaked documents says the September 29 incident “came close to murder.”

Two US defense officials with direct knowledge of the downing of the British plane in September confirmed the severity of the encounter to The New York Times.

► British Rivet Joint intercepted radio communications between a Russian radar controller on the ground and one of the Russian Su-27 pilots sent to monitor the plane, the officials, who asked not to be named for confidentiality reasons, said.

Tin pile to front This is Putin’s new super drone

US drone crash

However, the shooting down of a British plane in September was not the last incident in the Black Sea.

In March, a Russian fighter jet flew a dangerous maneuver over the sea A US MQ-9 collided with an unmanned aircraft. The crash of the drone attracted considerable international criticism.

The clash marked the first known physical contact between Russian and US military forces since the start of the war in Ukraine.

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