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Russia jumps back into grain deals


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Negotiations between Russia and the West are difficult. However, when it comes to grain distribution, an agreement is reached. Message Ticker.

+++ 12.25 hrs: Russia has made an unexpected U-turn and rejoined a deal to export grain from Ukraine via the Black Sea, which was suspended on Saturday (see update from 11.40am). The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that Ukraine has provided the necessary written assurance that it will only use Ukraine’s humanitarian corridor and ports set up for food exports. It said in Moscow that this was enough to fulfill the agreement. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said traffic would continue on Wednesday.

Grain deal: Negotiations between Erdogan and Putin succeed. (archive image) © Vyacheslav Prokofyev/dpa

+++ 11.40 am: Russia on Saturday rejoins a deal to export grain from Ukraine through the Black Sea. This was announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense in Moscow. Thanks to Turkey’s mediation, Ukraine has promised not to use the sea route for war against Russia.

Ukraine war talks: UN expects grain transit on Thursday

+++ 11.15 am: The United Nations expects Ukrainian grain supplies to resume soon. “While no vessel movements are scheduled for November 2 as part of the #BlackSeaGrainInitiative, we expect loaded vessels to depart on Thursday,” UN Coordinator Amir Abdullah tweeted on Tuesday evening. “Grain and food exports from Ukraine should continue.” The United Nations announced on Wednesday that it would halt shipping in the Black Sea after Russia suspended a grain deal.

+++ 08.55 am: Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin considers “necessary conditions” to trigger talks to end the war in Ukraine. reports that According to Putin, stalled peace talks between Russia and Ukraine could be restarted. However, Putin expressed his disappointment that Ukraine “refuses to discuss with Russia”. The reason is, among other things, that Moscow recently suspended an agreement to export grain from Ukrainian ports.

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Ukraine war talks: Putin demands “real guarantees” on grain crisis

+++ 8.35 am: Russian President Vladimir Putin told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday that he wanted “real guarantees” from Kiev before rejoining the grain deal. Nevertheless, Erdogan remained “optimistic” of a full resumption of the grain deal. A “solution-oriented cooperation” could be established, according to a statement from the Turkish Communications Ministry after Erdogan called on Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday. A solution to the “grain crisis” would prompt a return to negotiations, Erdogan was quoted as saying.

Ukraine war talks: Zelenskyj demands continuation of grain deal

Update as of 6:50 a.m. Wednesday, November 2: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed the importance of Ukrainian grain exports on Tuesday (November 1). “The grain corridor needs reliable and long-term protection,” he stressed in his daily video message. So Russia must understand that it will “get a tough, comprehensive response to all actions that disrupt our food exports.”

On Saturday (October 29), Russia suspended Ukraine’s grain export deal. This was due to a Ukrainian drone attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the annexed Crimean Peninsula. According to the Russian military, the attack reportedly came from a shipping corridor used to transport grain.

The JCC Coordination Center in Istanbul monitors the safe passage of cargo ships through the corridor. According to the JCC, no vessels will operate the route on Wednesday (November 2).

Ukraine war talks: Turkey hopes for continuation of UN grain deal

+++ 10 PM: Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has had two phone calls with his Russian counterpart within days. He hopes the United Nations-brokered grain trade, which Russia suspended at the end of the week, will continue.

“Mr (Sergei) Shoigu continued to discuss the matter with his own officials based on the information we provided. We expect a response from them today or tomorrow,” Agar said in a statement. “There is progress in this direction. We are evaluating the information that this deal will continue.”

Ukraine war talks: Black Sea shipping halted

Update as of Tuesday, November 1, 7:30 PM: The United Nations has announced a freeze on shipping in the Black Sea after Russia suspended a grain deal. “Representatives of Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations have agreed not to plan any movement of vessels under the Black Sea Grains Initiative for tomorrow, November 2, the UN Secretariat and the Joint Coordination Center said,” Sprecher Farhan Haq said on Tuesday. November 1) in New York.

Russia on Saturday (October 29) suspended a deal brokered by Turkey and the UN. Moscow justified Kiev’s drone attacks on its Black Sea fleet. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was “optimistic” of a full resumption of the deal. A “solution-oriented cooperation” could be established after Erdogan called on Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday (November 1), according to a statement from the Turkish Communications Ministry.

Moscow vs. London – threat to escalate relations

First report as of 5:31 p.m. Tuesday, November 1: Since the start of the Moscow-Ukraine war, Russia has not only fought against its neighbor. The West is also repeatedly identified as the enemy. In state television, the United States and Great Britain are considered the most prominent Major enemies to be destroyed. In a speech on October 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the West for the worsening situation in Ukraine. The West plays a “dangerous, bloody and dirty” gameSo Putin.

it is good Russia For the second time in a few days England Blame it Explosions at Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines Put the shoes on. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday (Nov 1) that “Britain was involved in this sabotage, or in Russian, this terrorist attack against key energy infrastructure, which is not Russian, but mainly international energy infrastructure, to Russian intelligence. )

Moscow also blames London for the Nord Stream explosions

According to Russian news agency Interfax, Peskov accused European capitals of “criminal silence”. Actions of the British must have consequences. The head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin It was previously stated that the “Anglo-Saxons” caused explosions in pipes. London immediately denied the allegations. The Department of Defense took to Twitter to say it was “spreading false claims of epic proportions.”

But Russia’s accusations are not limited to Nord Stream 1 and related Nord Stream 2, but drone strikes against the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol on the Russian-annexed Crimean Peninsula. These too were controlled by the British authorities. “Such actions cannot stand idly by. Of course we will think about the next steps,” Pesco said.

Total According to Russia, 16 drones attacked the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea would have been The Russian Defense Ministry has already drawn a link between the events in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea on Saturday and specifically blamed the British Navy. So far, however, Moscow has not provided any evidence for the allegations. Great Britain reacted angrily to these accusations and rejected them.

British politician Trudeau’s cell phone hacked by Moscow

At the same time, it became known over the weekend that Russian attackers had succeeded in stealing the mobile phone of the then foreign minister and then prime minister over the summer. Liz dress to explode Moscow is believed to have received secret communications with international allies, as well as private conversations Sunday Mail He wrote citing many sources. Hackers were reported to have downloaded the messages up to a year ago Mail. It was also important information Ukraine conflict Trade, for example arms supply.

The relationship between Moscow And London has been affected since the start of the war, with the British Secret Service releasing unprecedented amounts of information about the course of the war every day since February 24. Moscow accuses London of a disinformation campaign targeting London. (cs/dpa)

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