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His family from the Ruhr area fears for his life |

Iranian rapper Mullah was arrested by the regime

In his lyrics, he boldly criticizes the rule of the mullahs and denounces corruption and oppression. His words inspire thousands of Iranians to take to the streets and stand up for their future. But now he became a political rapper Tumaj Salehi Arrested after his recent criticism of Tehran’s political leadership!

Tehran – According to the state news agency Tasnim, which is considered a mouthpiece of the influential Revolutionary Guards, a musician well-known throughout the country was accused of being part of it. Continued protests To incite violence. Officially, Salehi was arrested on Sunday while trying to flee the country.

In Berlin and other German cities, tens of thousands of people protested the rapper’s release

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The family in Germany is afraid of the rapper

But this version is incredible for the rapper’s family! On his Telegram channel, the rapper’s uncle, who lives in the Ruhr region, contradicts this story and expresses concern about his nephew’s whereabouts. Compared with WDR He said he feared Salehi might be tortured.

For six weeks, protests have been going on in Iran against the dictatorial regime and the Islamic Republic. The trigger was the death of a young Iranian Kurd Mahza Amini. He died in police custody on September 16. She was earlier arrested by the deputy force for violating Islamic dress codes.

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Doumaj Salehi was arrested in 2021

On September 14, 2021, twelve agents raided Salehi’s home and, after searching it, took him to an unknown location.

︎ The musician previously wrote on Twitter at the time: “I want you to know that I’m not afraid of death, prison, or torture. I’m afraid of seeing people in poverty go to prostitution — keep quiet about it. I’m afraid to see people bent over waist-deep in garbage cans — but keep quiet about it. (I’m afraid) To see you beat up a worker – keep quiet about it. (I’m scared) Shut up when you see a protester killed and his family being tortured for seeking justice. There is a sea of ​​blood between you and me.

The composer was released only on bail. But now he has been arrested again.

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That’s what the rapper’s songs are all about

Salehi raps against the Iranian regime in his songs “Normal Life” and “Mouse Hole”. His music is about, among other things, the 25-year pact between the Islamic Republic and the Communist Party of China. Many Iranian opponents of the Sino-Iranian regime deal say it will destroy Iran’s environment and cause job losses.

Salehi’s music also addresses issues such as labor strikes, government corruption, executions and prison sentences. (ka)

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