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Russia is running towards new milestones


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Russia’s losses in the Ukraine war continue to mount. Now Vladimir Putin’s forces are said to be reaching even more milestones.

Russia’s losses in the Moscow-Ukraine war continue to rise significantly. According to the latest figures from Kiev, the number of Russian losses in personnel and equipment is approaching four significant milestones. These show just how much more success will cost Kremlin autocrat Vladimir Putin.

Cruel losses for Russia: Putin’s forces are racing toward new milestones

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said Saturday (May 4) that Putin’s troops are on the way, and Dark milestones in the war in Ukraine to reach Earlier in the day, the occupiers reportedly lost twelve tanks in a battle in Ukraine, bringing the total number of Russian losses in the war to 7,366, 134 less than 7,500.

Ukraine said it shot down 31 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), bringing the total number of drones to 9,611, just 389 short of 10,000. Also, Kremlin forces reportedly lost 27 more armored fighting vehicles earlier in the day. This apparently brings the total to 14,156, which means there are just under 900 left to beat the dubious 15,000.

A Ukrainian police officer fired at Russian positions on the front line near Kreminna. Russia’s losses in the Ukraine war are said to be high. (Archive Image) © LIBKOS/AP/dpa

However, the figures for losses on both sides cannot be independently verified. Because both Kiev and Moscow are very tight-lipped about any information.

Heavy losses for Russia: Putin’s troops have suffered more than 1,000 casualties for seven days in a row

Finally have to Putin hid Russia’s great losses from his own people. Nevertheless, the losses of Russian troops have reached unprecedented levels. Ukraine’s estimated death toll on Friday was 1,260, marking the seventh day in a row that the number surpassed 1,000. This figure includes those killed and injured. However, Kiev explains that estimates of personnel and equipment losses are “very rough and not particularly accurate.”

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There are repeated reports of heavy losses for Russia. Someone said this recently Dozens of Russian soldiers were recently killed in an ATACMS attack would have been

Russia’s Heavy Losses in Ukraine War: “What for?”

Exact figures on Russian troop losses are difficult to establish, but in an interview published Friday by French Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourne, Paris estimated Russian losses at 500,000, of whom 150,000 were killed.

Still, he questions Russia’s “meat grinder tactics” that have plagued Ukraine and its president, Volodymyr Zelensky. “What is all this for?” he told the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta Europa. “In short, officially, Russia has not updated the number of dead in the war in Ukraine since September 2022.” Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, under pressure from Putin over his missed war targets, kept the number at just under 6,000. Since then, there have been no more milestones besides bitter losses for Russia.

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