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How about a “catastrophic counterattack” by Russia?


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Ukraine attacked Crimea with Western ATACMS missiles. As a result, Russia is threatening Ukraine and fearing further attacks.

KIEV/MOSCOW – US-supplied weapons are having an impact. In recent days, Ukraine has fired ATACMS missiles into the Crimean peninsula, which is annexed by Russia. According to Ukrainian reports, dozens of Russian soldiers were killed. Russia threatens consequences if Ukraine attacks targets in Crimea. One expert does not rule out a nuclear attack.

Ukraine Attacks Crimea: Expert on Possible Russian Response

Using ATACMS missiles, Ukraine was able to launch attacks on Crimea. Unlike previous weapon deliveries, it also includes ATACMS missiles with a range of up to 160 kilometers. Current missiles no longer have any limitations. “Obviously access is now too much. It destroys a lot,” Gerhard Mangat, professor of political science at the University of Innsbruck, says in an interview. NTV.

Russia, led by President Vladimir Putin (L), is warning that it will retaliate if Ukraine attacks Crimea with Western weapons such as US ATACMS missiles. © Photomontage Gavriil Grigorov/Kremlin Pool/dpa/

Crimea and its bridges are logistically very important to Russia. “Hitting Russian supply lines, weapons depots, fuel depots, command centers — and then weakening the Russian military on the front line where Ukraine is currently on the defensive,” Mankot continued.

Russia threatens “retaliation” – fears more attacks

Russia has warned of a “catastrophic retaliatory attack” if Ukraine attacks Crimea or the Crimean bridge with Western backing. In addition, Maria Sakharov, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow, suspected that Ukraine was planning a major attack on Crimea on or before May 9. On this day, Russia celebrates the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. On this occasion, Moscow also plans to display the military equipment of the West, which they captured during the war in Ukraine.

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Expert: Use of Russian Nuclear Weapons – Russia’s “Red Line”

According to Mangot, one should think about what a retaliatory strike would look like if the war escalated further. “Cities in Ukraine – at least the capital Kiev – are well protected, so there will be no area bombings,” explains the political scientist. “Of course it’s always open – but you have to be careful about the feelings it raises – a tactical nuclear weapon. “It could happen,” Mangat speculates.

A catastrophic counterattack would be a demonstrative test or detonation of such a nuclear weapon. “Now not in a sense of doom, but to clarify how far Ukraine and the West can go and what is the red line that Russia will no longer accept. That would destroy the bridge over the Kerch Strait,” Mangat explains. The 19-kilometer-long bridge connects mainland Russia with Crimea. (VK)

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