Rockstar co-founder and lead writer of GTA reveals the next project

Dan Houserwho co-founded Rockstar Games and has been the head writer at several companies grand theft auto And Red dead redemption He’s finally revealed what his new studio is working on. If you were expecting a video game…well, you’ll have to keep waiting.

In early 2020, Dan Houser has left Rockstar Games After release Red Dead Redemption II. Then in June 2023Houser announced his new studio, Absurd Ventures, with the aim of producing multimedia projects spread across video games, television, film and comics. Rockstar veterans Laszlo Jones And Michael Unsworthwho left the company after Houser’s departure, are also part of it This new multimedia company. Now, we finally know what Absurd Ventures’ first projects are, and no, you won’t be getting JTA-Like a game or Bully successor anytime soon.

Absurd Ventures was announced on November 29 American caper And A better paradise. The studio describes these projects as “original storytelling universes.” The plan is for characters and stories from these universes to debut in comics and audio dramas respectively.

What are these new projects from Dan Hauser?

American caper It focuses on two “normal and deeply damaged” American families caught in a world of “corrupt business,” crime, and “incompetent” politicians. The first project in this new universe will be a graphic novel drawn by comic book artist Simon Bisley.

Absurd Ventures’ other IP address is A better paradise, which he describes as an “existential thriller” set in the “near future.” The first project from This Other Universe will be a 12-episode “audio fantasy series” and is currently in production.

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Both this and American caper The comic book is scheduled to be released in 2024.

“We are excited to introduce these two universes, their characters and their lore,” Houser said in a press release announcing the projects. “They represent our approach to storytelling and media. These initial releases will allow us to introduce these universes at the same time as we work on other iterations and expansions. This is just the beginning.”

According to a press release, Houser is currently working on a “wide range” of projects, including animation, video games, graphic novels, audio fiction “and more.” Absurd Ventures has confirmed that more information about these new franchises will be coming in the coming months.

For people who were excited to see what Houser and company’s next big video game project would entail JTA And Red DeathThis doesn’t seem to be happening now. However, description American caperUniverse It looks beautiful JTA– Like me, and maybe one day an open world game from Absurd Ventures will be placed there. Right now, it’s comics and audio files.

Meanwhile, the company that Houser helped form and lead for decades will release the first official trailer for the film Which is long awaited Grand Theft Auto VI Next month, perhaps at the Game Awards.


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