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“Mission Impossible” in the White House about the war in Ukraine!

President Olaf Scholes (65) attended a very important meeting with US President Joe Biden (81) as a guest in the Oval Office on Friday. Main topic: War in Ukraine, Europe's role and US tug-of-war over more military aid. This time Scholz was more of a procrastinator than a model student. The sleeves were rolled up – but did it achieve anything?

For months, Biden has been unable to get $60 billion through Congress for more U.S. military needs. The US now sees Berlin as a “frontrunner” for Ukraine. At the beginning of the war it was different.

“Sword of Damocles” hovers over Trump audience

The entire spring-like exchange in Washington was haunted by the threat of a new, potential presidency in Republican Donald Trump (77). There were even whispers of a possible Biden “farewell visit” for Scholz. Trump's latest rise is already having consequences: he's pulling the strings on the blockade of US arms money! Scholes calmly: “Without the help of the Americans, the situation in Ukraine will be very difficult!”

In a photo opportunity in the Oval Office, the two paid tribute to good German-American relations. Scholes noted Russian President Vladimir Putin's “absurd interview” with Tucker Carlson, in which Putin “always tells a lot of lies about the history of this war.” The Russian president only cares about “getting his neighbor's piece of land.” Scholes called this behavior “imperialism”.

Regarding the $60 billion aid package for Ukraine rejected by Senate Republicans, Biden added: “The US Congress's failure to support Ukraine is tantamount to criminal neglect.”

Topic of conversation between Scholes and Biden. Ridiculous interview between US activist Tucker Carlson and Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin

Photo: IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

Scholz: Aid to Ukraine will not stop

Before shaking hands in the Oval Office, Scholz complained bitterly about “the ongoing Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.” “The only reason is the desire of the Russian president to annex parts of Ukraine!” The general message for him should be: “Our assistance to Ukraine will not stop,” the president said.

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Relations between the United States and Germany are better than they have been in decades — and we must come together to support Ukraine, Scholz said after the nearly hour-and-a-half meeting.

“A decision must be made”

He called on European countries to mobilize “all their might” to mobilize more arms aid to Kiev. Scholz: “Germany has made its contribution to this year's budget!” A US failure, he agrees with Biden, would jeopardize Ukraine's ability to “defend its country”. Putin should not be allowed to simply wait until aid from the West dries up. In his many conversations with American politicians from both parties, he says he heard what was clear to everyone: “A decision has to be made,” Scholz confidently showed BILD.

Foreign policy expert Ian Bremmer (54) considers the Social Democratic Party “a good advocate for Germany, a credible and important voice in world politics”. Although she is not as well known internationally as her predecessor Angela Merkel, 69, she is “reliable”, the expert told Bild. This also applies to the short “print” Scholz Biden: according to Bremmer, the head of the German government “today is the second most important contact for Washington after the European Union”.

But the overall dilemma is that Europe as a whole is currently weakened – precisely at a time when strength is needed.

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