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Was Tucker Carlson Threatened With Sanctions After Meeting With Vladimir Putin? An EU spokesperson commented on the reports.

Updated as of February 10, 8:01 am: During Tucker Carlson's interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, sanctions were sought against the American talk show host. Two members of the European Union Parliament raised the possibility of EU sanctions in an interview with the American portal Newsweek. The news caused outrage, particularly in X (formerly Twitter) right-wing circles. Among others, X owner Elon Musk and Republican politician Vivek Ramasamy expressed their solidarity with Carlson.

But the EU has now rejected that statement. Peter Stano, a spokesman for the European Union's Commission for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said recently in Brussels: “There is currently no discussion in the relevant EU bodies about this particular person (…) an American person in Moscow.” Among other things, what the portal reports Politics. However, Stano said the EU could allow “propagandists” to “repeatedly undermine Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and promote Putin's illegal and brutal occupation”.

American talk show host in Moscow – Tucker Carlson announced the release of the Putin interview

Report from February 8: Moscow/Washington, DC – Right-wing American talk show host Tucker Carlson has announced that he will air his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday night (Thursday, 6 p.m. local time in Washington). It was Putin's first in-depth conversation with an American interviewer since the war in Ukraine began nearly two years ago.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday that the former Fox News host, who has since left Moscow, could decide the timing of the release himself. Carlson, 54, has been calling the interview a major media event for days. Because of the meeting with Putin, Carlson threatens you Newsweek-However, there are consequences as he has been known in the past to spread conspiracy theories and false reports, according to the report.

His decision to give Putin a forum is seen by many as problematic, especially given Russia's growing crackdown on journalists. Carlson defended himself against the allegations by describing the conversation as a contribution to press freedom.

Tucker Carlson during his visit to the Russian capital Moscow. © Maksim Blinov/Imago

Propaganda instead of press freedom: Carlson's interview plays into Vladimir Putin's hands

Karlsson has been repeatedly accused of invading Ukraine in defense of Putin's leadership, for which he has been praised by Kremlin propagandists. Critics accused him of giving support to Putin and other authoritarian leaders and propagating his position in Russian state media.

Russian political scientist Tatjana Stanovaya said Putin agreed to the interview shortly before Russia's presidential election on March 17 because he sees an advantage and advantage in the current war against Ukraine. The Kremlin leader is betting that Western aid to Kiev, including ammunition and weapons, will dwindle, that the US will be busy with its own presidential election in the fall, and that domestic political problems will increase in Ukraine itself.

The expatriate expert said the interview was aimed at persuading the West to abandon Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to press for a new leadership in Kiev to negotiate with Moscow. Putin uses Carlson as access to American audiences.

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Former Fox News Star: Tucker Carlson Wants to Release Putin Interview on X

The former Fox News host reaches millions of people through social networks. He was against US financing of the war. Tucker Carlson plans to release the interview in its entirety on social media and on his own website for free. It remains to be seen how the international community and the media will react to the release of this interview.

Carlson was fired from Fox News last year. He hosted a highly rated evening program there for many years. He used it to spread conspiracy theories and misinformation and incite against minorities. After a while he started his own show on X. (Son/DPA)

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