Random: Nintendo has supposedly changed the release day of Switch games

Image: Nintendo

When Nintendo confirmed the release dates of some upcoming Switch games recently, some eagle-eyed fans noted how as of the next fiscal year, it appears the company will be shifting release dates from Friday to Thursday in the US.

This so far includes release dates for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (May 23, 2024(And Luigi's Mansion 2 HD)June 27, 2024), and also the endless ocean: luminous (May 2, 2024). Before now, there were games like Another Code: Recollection, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, and coming out this week is Princess Peach: Showtime! All are scheduled for Friday.

Here's the original social media post as highlighted GameSpot:

knoebelnews (via Threads): “Oh. Nintendo usually releases its games on Fridays but it looks like they'll be moving release dates to Thursdays starting next fiscal year. Endless Ocean – Thursday, May 2 Paper Mario – Thursday, May 23 Luigi's Mansion – Thursday, June 27”

There's nothing necessarily to worry about here or anything like that, it's just a noticeable change in Nintendo's schedule. Go Nintendo We've reached out to Nintendo of America to learn more about this potential change, so if we hear any developments, we'll let you know. Keep in mind that this may result in the game's release date being modified in other regions.

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