You may not pay any attention to your science teacher for emphasizing on atoms, electrons, and particles. According to a paper which is published in Nature it states that the Microsoft is going to launch a sophisticated quantum computer.  This means Microsoft will join Google and IBM to make the dream of quantum computer real. The report suggests that the preview of the computer will be available for free before the year ends.

There are many questions which arise by people when they come across the quantum tech in the computer. The data of the computer is stored in units which are called as bits and they exist in two states which is 0 or 1. The growing demand for more storage make the scientists work and explore other options to resolve this and they come up with qubits. In qubits, the data are not limited to binary units as it can superposition in a different state. The test which runs for a long time shows the ability of computers which can hold humongous data on little energy. Now, IBM has integrated a 50-bit quantum to the computers.  This tech is useful in cracking the complex molecule combinations which are not possible in normal machines. It can be used to analysis enormous prime numbers and boost the online security via cryptography.

The quantum technology is present around us for some time with the help of companies like IBM and Google but Microsoft version of the quantum technology is quite sophisticated with respect to others. The company does not use the conventional Quantum approach and they are able to unite into subatomic particles. The complex circuits which are present In the quantum chips can run even in high temperatures, this allows the computer work efficiently in the real-time environment. Microsoft added by saying that the company is coming with the hardware support like nanowire and powerful software which will enhance quantum tech.

After Microsoft announce about the quantum computer, Intel also publicly said that the company is investing in the quantum technology with Silicon. The agreement between Intel and Silicon shows us that Intel will use Silicon chips in order to promote and integrate quantum tech. Another company D-Wave, a Canada based firm claims to developed a 2,000-qubit web.  According to Prof Charlie Marcus who is the Principal Researcher at Microsoft Corp explained that “ What’s really astounding with this activity compared with what everyone else is doing is that we have to invent a particle that is never existed before and then use it for computers.”

Microsoft said that the success they get in quantum technology is not of their own rather they had to collaborate with other partners to get this success.  The main aim of this technology is to benefit the hardware, programming language for the quantum development and the software which is required for the project. It is clear that developers and innovators are trying to break through this technology. The company is yet to commercial on this product which shows that the company still have to go about some miles for this.