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As millions of Ukrainians flee Putin’s bombs, Russian oligarchs are fleeing Western sanctions – and trying to cover up their fortunes.

So it is disappearing more and more Russian luxury boats From the seas!

This has been confirmed by the British “Observer” study.

But the luxury boats have not disappeared since they were confiscated by authorities. They simply disappear from the radar – as if they had never existed.

There seems to be a “black hole” for boats, especially around the Maldives. Many were there before suddenly disappearing.

Interesting: The Maldives has no extradition treaty with the United States, for example.

But what is behind it?

As Observer Research shows, Putin’s billionaires are using a tactic. Employees are instructed to turn off the “automatic identification system”. So 70 meter boats will disappear from the radar.

Of course it’s not right. Like all boats (over a total of 300 tonnes of total logs) there must be oligarchs – at sea and at their anchors.

At least six ships reportedly owned by Britain-sanctioned oligarchy have fallen off the radar at a cost of millions.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, at least 13 such ships worth about 2 2 billion (35 2.35 billion) have been seized from southern France to Fiji. There, “Amedia”, allegedly owned by gold billionaire Suleiman Kerim, was confiscated on behalf of the United States.

Super boats have been missing for at least a month, according to Observer analysis:

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72 The 72-meter-long super boat “Cleo” owned by businessman Oleg Deribaska, who sailed from the Indian Ocean to Turkey after the invasion. They were last reported to have reached the Russian ports of Sochi and Novorossiysk on April 18 in the Black Sea.

The ► 70-meter Galactic supernova is affiliated with Lukoil’s licensed former president, the oligarch Wagit Alec. His last location was on March 2 on a Croatian beach.

The மீட்டர் 140m Ocean Victory, affiliated with the Permissive Self-Help Group Victor Rashnikov, finally anchored in the Maldives on March 1 and announced its position.

According to industry, there are about 900 super boats worth nearly ில்லியன் 60 billion in the world’s seas. It is estimated that 10 percent of the fleet is owned by Russians.

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