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Putin’s attack submarine appears in the Baltic Sea


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Russian attack submarine “Project 636” appeared in the Baltic Sea near the German border – pictures show it on the surface. © Marcom (2)

Amid the tense political situation between NATO and Russia, a Russian attack submarine was spotted in the Baltic Sea. What does Putin plan to do with “Project 636”?

Kaliningrad – The Baltic Sea already has a new nickname after the merger of Finland and Sweden: “Lake NATO”. After all, the inland sea is now surrounded by states that are members of the Western Defense Alliance. If not for the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad between Lithuania and Poland: from there, Putin could monitor the Baltic Sea – and smuggle Russia’s super-submarines into the open sea. Few know what goes on under the sea. However, a new incident raises fears about Kremlin boss Putin’s plans. What does the Russian ruler plan to do?

NATO country shadowing Russian attack submarine “Project 636” in Baltic Sea – pictures released

Like an American magazine Newsweek According to reports, a NATO surveillance plane spotted a Russian submarine crossing the Baltic Sea last week. The central NATO command of all naval forces in the alliance, “MARCOM”, has now released images showing a Russian boat on the surface of the Baltic Sea. The “P-3 Orion Maritime Patrol” of the Portuguese Armed Forces is responsible for the images.

However, the NATO command did not provide any information on where or when the Russian attack submarine was spotted in the Baltic Sea. However, open source researcher Evergreen Intel said, citing flight tracking data from June 26. This information cannot be independently verified. NATO puzzled: What was a nuclear submarine doing near German border? It is not yet clear where the ship intends to go – a training or reconnaissance mission or even a route to the world’s oceans is conceivable. There was a recent torpedo attack in the Baltic Sea: Russian submarines were engaged in emergency exercises near NATO coasts.

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The attack submarine “Project 636” dates back to the Soviet era – infamous use in the war in Ukraine

According to military observers, the Russian submarine has improved noise, propulsion and automation designs. Moscow’s Project 636-class submarines can fire nuclear-capable Kalibr cruise missiles and are capable of long-range strikes. They have already been widely used in attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. They were first used in the 1980s by the Soviet Union Maritime was constructed. Putin wants to expand Russia’s nuclear submarine fleet – This causes unrest among NATO countries.

Caliber cruise missile
6.20 meters
About 2300 kg
Up to 2.6 km

Russia provokes NATO units with “deemed unprofessional” maneuvers

Since NATO expanded surveillance with a “360-degree approach,” there have been repeated active meetings between Russian and NATO units. “Our operations and reconnaissance operations often bring us close to Russian units. We have occasionally observed some maneuvers, such as close flights of NATO units, which are mainly considered unprofessional by air forces,” reports German Flotilla Admiral Stephan Pauli. On top of that March-Website. He emphasizes: NATO units are “ready, determined and more responsible” in a possible response to these provocations.

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