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News from Israel and Gaza: Hostage deal – Netanyahu criticized for statements on politics


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Netanyahu: The deal should help us keep fighting

In the midst of negotiations over a hostage deal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded the right to continue fighting in the Gaza Strip. “Any deal would allow Israel to resume fighting until all war objectives are achieved,” said a list of conditions released by the prime minister’s office. In addition, an agreement would prohibit arms smuggling to Hamas along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. In addition, thousands of armed fighters must not be allowed to return to the northern Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu’s comments erupted in negotiations over a ceasefire and a hostage exchange for Palestinian prisoners. Talks are scheduled to continue in Cairo this week. Egypt, Qatar and the United States are mediating between the two sides. Mediators are currently trying to find language to bridge the gap on the disputed points.

Netanyahu’s comments have been cited as damaging these efforts The Times of Israel An unnamed senior representative of the arbitrators. Israeli opposition leader Jair Lapid criticized Netanyahu for listing the conditions for the deal: “We are at a critical moment in the negotiations and the lives of the abductees depend on it, so why such provocative messages? “What does it add to the process?” X wrote on stage.

At the end of nationwide protests and roadblocks on “Day of Disruption,” thousands in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem accused Netanyahu of stalling the negotiation process. Among the demonstrators, the mother of one of the hostages turned to the Prime Minister with pleading words. “You abandoned the hostages for nine months. Netanyahu – End the Deadlock. We have to take them home, it’s up to you to take them home,” he shouted at an evening demonstration in Tel Aviv. To call attention to her son’s fate and the fate of 120 other hostages in the Gaza Strip, the woman climbed a black cage suspended under a road bridge. “A deal is on the table that could save lives and all of us,” he was quoted as saying The Times of Israel Desperate mother. Addressing the head of government, he said, “I want to say to Netanyahu: The keys to this cage and all other cages are in your hands.”

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