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“Putin Celebrates” Ukraine War: US Blocks Shutdown


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The US has avoided a budget freeze for the time being – while all aid to Ukraine has been temporarily suspended. Biden administration warns of consequences of war in Ukraine

Update as of 7:49 a.m. Monday, October 2: An impending shutdown in the U.S. has been averted, but a short-term deal could cause problems for Ukraine. Because the US interim solution has no help for Ukraine. Now US President Joe Biden is trying to appease. “I want to assure our American partners, the American people and the Ukrainian people that they can count on our support and that we will not back down,” the Democrat said Sunday.

During a visit to Kiev, EU foreign policy chief Borrell commented that the US decision was regrettable. Like Biden, he was convinced that nothing would fundamentally change in American support for Ukraine. “We hope this is not the final word,” he said.

Report from Sunday, October 1: WASHINGTON DC – Hours before the impending budget shutdown, America avoided a so-called shutdown. The US Congress passed a temporary emergency measure on Saturday (September 30) – freezing aid Ukraine war. The US president signed the interim budget shortly before the midnight deadline.

Senate votes: US blocks shutdown and cuts aid to Ukraine

Despite urgent appeals from Democrats and the White House, Ukraine will receive no more U.S. aid during the roughly 45-day interim settlement. President of the United States Joe Biden After the Senate vote, a separate bill called on Congress to release aid to Kiev. “We cannot allow US assistance under any circumstances Ukraine will be interrupted,” the President warned. He called on Kevin McCarthy, the Republican speaker of the US House of Representatives, to uphold his commitment to the “Ukrainian people”.

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Biden administration warns of consequences of blocking aid to Ukraine (Archive photo) © -/Ukrainian Presidential Press Office/AP/dpa

“Putin Celebrates”: Ukraine Will Soon Get Aid for Attack Against Russia

In light of the ongoing counteroffensive, Ukraine is requesting financial assistance America depending on The Biden administration warned that halting funding would have dire consequences for the war. Only one Democrat voted against the interim solution – due to Ukraine’s lack of support. Russia It was seen as a success. “Putin Celebrating,” said Representative Mike Quigley CNN. “We have 45 days to fix the problem,” he said. However, he feels that a change in dynamics is unlikely.

John Kirby, director of communications for the National Security Council, also appealed to the US Congress. about this Critical moments of the counter attack. Due to restrictions on aid to Ukraine, Kiev risks losing resources for a counterattack, Kirby warned. After all, America is the main supporter.

Budget impasse: US escapes shutdown at last minute

Three hours before a critical deadline for the budget freeze, the Senate decided with a vote of 88 to nine. Before Democrats and Republicans have long disagreed – Had they not decided on an emergency solution at the last minute, the shutdown would have taken effect at the start of the new financial year. Consequences of the shutdown: The closure of many public institutions and the forced leave of hundreds of thousands of government employees without pay.

There have been repeated budget freezes in the US over the past few decades – most recently in December 2018 and January 2019. Under the then President Donald Trump At 35 days, it was the longest shutdown in US history. (dpa/hk)

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