Power struggle ends: House of Representatives elects McCarthy

Status: 07.01.2023 8:28 am

After four grueling days, a historic power struggle in the US House of Representatives comes to an end: in the 15th round, representatives elect Republican McCarthy as speaker. The President of the United States expressed his willingness to cooperate.

In the 15th attempt, Kevin McCarthy achieved his goal and received the necessary majority for the presidency of the US House of Representatives, which was officially announced after the vote in the House of Representatives. Republicans won the oral vote by a margin of 216 to 212.

Since the 19th century, members of the House of Representatives have not made many attempts to find a new leader. The last time there were more ballots was in 1859/1860. At the time, Republican William Pennington was elected only as Speaker of the House of Congress on the 44th ballot. At that time the process took several weeks.

McCarthy makes concessions

After days of debate, his staunch conservative critics within the party ended their opposition to the 57-year-old, whom they had previously described as too moderate.

McCarthy had previously met with them and made further concessions. Among other things, he had promised that in future a vote by one member of parliament would be sufficient to hold a referendum on the impeachment of the president. Ordinary members of parliament should also have more opportunities to influence the drafting and approval of laws. Among others, he received the support of Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry.

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The Republican leader has repeatedly downplayed the internal rebellion against him and rejected accusations that the uprising in his own ranks is weakening him. Referring to the play’s historical purpose, he said, “I want to make history.” He also holds the record of being the longest speaker in the House of Representatives.

Biden is willing to cooperate

US President Joe Biden expressed willingness to cooperate. “I’m willing to work with Republicans if I can,” Biden, a Democrat, said. “It’s time to govern responsibly and make sure we put the interests of American families first,” he added.

“We expect Republicans to be willing to work with me,” voters have made clear.

Weakened as a new office

McCarthy is now officially the third person in the state – after the President of the United States and his deputy. But, after a rigorous election process, he took office in a weakened state.

With McCarthy’s election, the parliamentary work of the newly constituted Congress could now begin. Republicans are expected to make governing more difficult for Biden because they can block all reform plans. They could also launch numerous parliamentary investigations into Biden and his administration.

McCarthy had declared that he wanted to end the “unbridled waste of taxpayer money”. He wants to campaign for changes in energy and immigration policies. Unrestricted immigration along the supposedly open southern border is one of the hottest topics in the Republican Party.

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