Pokemon Go players criticize 2023 as 'boring and dull' despite Niantic's promise

Niladri Sarkar

As 2023 comes to a close, Pokemon Go players have summed up their experiences of this eventful year, and it seems that most fans are not very interested in the new additions and features to the mobile game.

With Pokemon Go introducing a host of features in 2023, players have plenty of things to do throughout the year. Whether it's catching new Generation 9 Pokemon, exploring routes, or participating in raids through multiplayer, there's never a dull moment.

But it seems many in the community have a very different opinion about everything 2023 has to offer, with trainers criticizing Niantic for adding “absolute hot garbage” to the game.

A user named “KylJak” shared a post on Reddit with the comment: “Actions will speak louder than words,” referring to excerpts from an interview between Dot eSports and Niantic, when developers were asked to break their silence on the widespread #HearUsNiantic movement.

In the interview, Pokemon Go game director Michael Steranka said: “For us, through the rest of this year, we really feel that actions will speak louder than words.” Additionally, Pokemon Go Senior Producer John Fontanella added: “We really want our actions to speak louder than our words.”

The OP then asked how the guys felt Pokemon Go In 2023, if Niantic lives up to their words, and if the community is looking forward to 2024, the post sparked a flurry of comments from frustrated trainers.

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Users commented: “They haven't changed the prices for remote raid passes, that's a pretty loud move,” and: “Almost everything they've tried to add in the last half of this year is just complete hot garbage. Like a bad 'no redeeming qualities' level.”

Despite the many additions to Pokemon Go, it doesn't seem to have struck a chord with players, as one said: “The game has become so dull and boring, it's not fun anymore.”

Others felt that there were many things that could be added to make the game more exciting. “The game still desperately needs limited versions of features from the base games. Remote Trading, Surprise/Miracle Trading, a way to improve IVs, something similar to a Battle Tower, a complete rework/overhaul of the typing-inducing gym, and non-working gym badges.” Playable based on type to earn, etc.

Another player stated that they were unhappy with the “countless broken content updates and generally uninteresting features, overly aggressive monetization, and ranged raid nerfs.”

Fans are hoping that 2024 will be a bigger and better year than 2023, as Pokemon Go gradually brings new species to catch and locations to explore.

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