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Persona 3 remake and Persona 5 tactics game apparently leaked by Atlus


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Atlus will release a remake (or an overall revised version) of Persona 3a 2006 role-playing game that debuted on PlayStation 2, in early 2024, according to a leaked video said to have originated from the publisher’s Instagram account. Persona 3 updateAs the project is known, it appears to have been a planned reveal for Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday, because the leaked trailer indicates that it will be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC, and will be available through Game Pass.

The trailer shows photos of Persona 3 update that looks on par with Persona 5 – Much higher resolution than the PS2 original and its enhanced re-release on PlayStation Portable in 2009. Persona 3 Remake running on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Atlus and P-Studio’s Persona 3 The remake appeared to leak back in April, when supposed screenshots from an internal Sega presentation were posted online.

Separately, Atlus appears to have confirmed via its Instagram account that it is new Persona 5 Spinoff game Persona 5 tactic, is coming. Set for release on November 17, this game appears to be a turn-based, grid-based take on Persona, à la Fire Emblem, or XCOM. cast Persona 5 He is shown, in a slightly more cartoonish form, fighting enemies using various attacks, character summons, and team-based moves.

Persona 5 tactic It’s also set to be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC, according to the leaked trailer. However, it seems likely that both titles will also be released on PlayStation platforms; None of the trailer makes any references to the Exclusivity.

Both clips appear to have been quickly deleted from Atlus’ social media accounts. Polygon has reached out to Atlus for comment and confirmation Persona 3 update And Persona 5 tactic trailers.

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