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Xiaomi’s new ‘HyperOS’ will power its smartphones on and off


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Just like how Huawei developed its own HarmonyOS as an alternative to Android, Xiaomi is about to make a similar move to boost its ecosystem – especially with its electric car arriving in the first half of next year. Dubbed “HyperOS”, MIUI’s replacement will apparently be a combination of Android and Xiaomi’s “Vela” system, thus a “completely rewritten infrastructure” that will supposedly allow users, vehicles and smart home – for more than 200 product categories – Connect with each other smoothly. It’s safe to assume that Xiaomi’s electric car will also feature HyperOS, and thus will compete with Huawei’s Aito line of electric cars.

in Share WeiboCEO Lei Jun said development on HyperOS dates back to 2017, with the goal of building “a unified and integrated system framework that supports the entire ecosystem of devices and applications.” The CEO added that this new platform will debut in the upcoming Xiaomi 14 series smartphones, which have apparently entered production, although he stopped short of sharing a launch date (rumors say the end of this month). Separately, when asked X Whether HyperOS will head to Xiaomi’s international product line, Lei only responded with “stay tuned.” And so we must.

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