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Overwatch 2’s new control map Samoa was fully revealed at the OWL Finals


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published: 2023-10-01T20:58:57

Updated: 2023-10-01T21:01:08

Overwatch 2’s developers are returning to Control mode, a classic mode that didn’t get much love, with two new modes introduced since OW2’s launch. The new control map activates the mode in Season 7: Samoa.

Overwatch 2’s new Push and Flashpoint modes have certainly received a mixed reception, with many preferring the classic modes carried over from the first game. Fortunately, Control has gotten some love with a new map.

Samoa features three very diverse maps with a tropical backdrop, bringing Overwatch to a standout from other locations in the game and adding a nice splash of color to the game.

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Here’s what we know so far about Samoa, Overwatch 2’s next map.

Overwatch 2’s new Samoa map is on display at the OWL Finals

The focus on new multiplayer maps and consistent balance updates was a big part of the reason why Overwatch 2’s developers shifted their resources away from a full PvE campaign.

A large amount of multiplayer content has been released since then as well as a host of PvE missions and Flashpoint, a brand new mode.

Now that the dust has settled around Flashpoint, the team is revisiting the old mode to add a new control map: Samoa.

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The first point is the Beach, an ocean-side map filled with villas and small huts to provide cover for players. The control point itself is embedded in the map, giving attackers options to get to the people defending the point and discouraging players from simply sitting on the point.

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Downtown is the second point, and it offers a less open map that takes players through busy streets to a large, wide-open point with a large tower in the middle. Its structure is slightly inspired by Numbani according to the developers, which is shown by the two maps having a similar approach to verticality and narrow corridors.

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The volcano is the final point, and the map that has Lucio players eager to push their enemies straight into the fiery depths of the lava pit lining the control point. It’s definitely the most open of the three maps, giving players more options to fight each other from a distance. All three maps feature very different gameplay styles, requiring players to switch things up between rounds.

Additionally, speculation has been growing that this map is an introduction to Mauga, a hero that many expect will be added in Season 8. Meanwhile, Samoa will arrive on October 10 when Season 7 begins.

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