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A Counter-Strike 2 player was stunned when a knife somehow caught fire


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published: 2023-10-02T05:56:02

Updated: 2023-10-02T05:56:16

A Counter-Strike 2 player was left stunned when his knife unexpectedly caught fire during a round on Overpass.

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) was released on September 27 and has been the center of attention in the gaming community, not only due to graphical improvements and map fixes but also due to several bugs and issues that appeared after launch.

One such strange and unexpected bug has left the player and the CS2 community in awe as… The player recently shared screenshots on Reddit They show how their knife managed to catch fire mid-round.

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The clip shows the player transforming into a Molotov and launching it towards the flooded Overpass area near Site B. However, upon returning to their knife, it appears to somehow be on fire, with the entire blade engulfed in flames while the player is still holding the grip.

Unsurprisingly, the player appears shocked and retreats to a safer place while seemingly trying to understand what is happening.

After the player realizes that the fire is not going out, he begins to pass the blade, but the fire does not go out. The player then returns to where the enemy team is, perhaps to show off their fiery knife skin, but the round ends before they can do so.

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The Counter-Strike 2 community was quick to share their surprise in a Reddit thread, with many wondering if the fiery knife would deal additional damage had it made contact with an enemy. HeyNE committed player even noticed“AWP had that too but OP switched too quickly, I want my .308 flamethrower valve.”

This remarkable incident is not the only problem that CS2 players have faced since the game’s release. Players have reported game-breaking bugs, such as random Mirage items appearing within other maps, blocking views, and affecting gameplay. Others criticized the “disappointing” launch and criticized the “lagging” servers.

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Regardless, CS2 has already seen notable success, with a peak player count of over 1.3 million players. However, the presence of game-breaking bugs and the absence of key features has left the community wanting a more polished Counter-Strike experience.

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