Overwatch 2 player's ban for typing 'dumpsyer' could have cost him a college scholarship

Michael Gwilliam

An Overwatch 2 player at university was at risk of losing his scholarship after he was banned by Blizzard for writing the word “dumpsyer” in chat.

Overwatch 2's ban system has recently come under fire for imposing bans that don't seem deserved, and the multiplayer is the latest to fall victim to these wild bans.

Just weeks after a player made headlines after being banned for writing “GG” in match chat, “S7VEN,” a tank player at Blinn College, has had his account banned for writing the name of a teammate called “dumpsyer.”

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In a post on X, S7VEN shared a conversation he had with Blizzard Gamemaster Eldisana's support team, where the employee said his two-week ban was justified. And although Blizzard has since taken a new stance on things, the community is still reeling after seeing how easy it is to get a player banned over seemingly nothing.

Overwatch 2 player risks losing scholarship due to ban

According to S7VEN, the ban happened after he mentioned his teammate, dumpster_ow, in team chat — something Blizzard took issue with.

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'I just checked your issue thoroughly and this is a quote from your conversation: 'dumpsyer'.' “We now consider this matter closed and will not consider further discussion of this topic,” a Blizzard employee said during the appeal.

While calling a teammate a “dump” to insult their lack of skill might be frowned upon, “dumpsyer” isn't even a real word, and a Blizzard employee declined to explain why the college student was banned.

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“Blizzard needs to fix its problems,” urged S7VEN. “Now I had been suspended from competing at university and was at risk of losing my scholarship because of the word ‘dumpsyer’.”

The player also pointed out that the party rules require players to compete for accounts they're registered with, and that you have to be in good standing with Blizzard — something that obviously wasn't given suspension status.

However, the community has rallied behind S7VEN and hopes the issue will be resolved while targeting Blizzard on how they handled the ban.

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“There's no way our brothers can say we checked it thoroughly and then send that out with a straight face thinking it's a real reason to ban someone,” the Tracer player criticized. Registecho.

“Hopefully this will be reversed,” commented YouTube user Samito, who reiterated that there is a streaming device named Dumpster. “It seems like a really ridiculous reason to suspend a player and then further lose his scholarship?”

Fortunately, S7VEN finally received a response from Blizzard and their account was reinstated.

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While it is still unfortunate that his account was affected by this glitch, his scholarship is safe and he can continue competing.

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