Alan Wake 2 PS5 update brings horror into the atmosphere, and makes bounty hunting easier

Alan Wake 2's latest update, 1.15, is now live on PS5, giving players of the atmospheric action additional ways to customize their experience, among other things. Besides the addition of a chapter select option, which should make sorting out any remaining trophies easier, the other big ticket item is the ability to reduce the frequency of the game's many jump scares.

Spread the treatment Full list of changes And the extras, which is quite a meaty update. First, “Chapter Select” has been added to the main menu, allowing players to run back through any mission in the game they have previously unlocked. Remedy states that this feature loads a pre-made save game regardless of your progress, meaning your inventory will change depending on the chosen mission. Players will still retain previous manual saves.

The recurring “flashes of terror” that plague Alan during his journey can now be set to Low, if desired, instead of the Normal setting. This can be distracting at times, so reducing their frequency is an excellent option.

Along with a long list of bug fixes and other tweaks, one of these mods stands out in the eyes of trophy hunters. Remedy sheepishly admitted that “we know we made it a little complicated as some collectibles have to be collected in one run,” and the problem below was annoying:

  • Fixed an issue in The Final Draft (New Game Plus) where if the player already had the Saga Crossbow in their inventory, they would not be able to complete/unlock all required cult caches and thus could not obtain the Lighthouse Key from the final cult cache.
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In terms of performance on PS5, the random stuttering that can occur during slow motion Perfect Dribble movements should be fixed. Optimized UI rendering when there are a lot of UI elements on screens (such as your inventory) should result in a smoother experience as well.

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