Omigron is expanding rapidly: the British still provide thousands of hospital beds

Omigron expands rapidly
The British provide thousands of hospital beds

The NHS Health Service sounds the alarm: Within 24 hours, Great Britain has a new negative record of epidemics with more than 180,000 new infections. The highly contagious variant of Omikron is spreading rapidly. Authorities fear the burden on hospitals will be high.

In Great Britain, the number of new corona infections is increasing rapidly due to the highly contagious Omigran variant. Authorities recently registered 183,037 cases daily – 50,000 more than before. This includes new infections in five days in Northern Ireland, with no current data due to holidays. However, in the largest part of the UK alone, 138,287 people tested positive for the virus in a single day, and 15,849 cases were reported daily in Scotland.

English health officials fear the burden of hospitals and want to provide thousands of extra beds. The NHS UK Health Service said construction of additional structures on the eight-hospital campus, with a capacity of 100 beds each, would begin this week.

Hospitals, for example, should also explore where playgrounds or educational institutions can be converted into temporary hospital wards that can provide up to 4,000 beds. Additional beds have been set up to accommodate patients who are already receiving treatment for severe Govt-19 cases.

The government does not plan any strict rules

Stephen Bovis, the medical director of the NHS, stressed that the NHS was “war-ready” given the record number of infections and rising hospital rates. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

In the UK, despite the rapid spread of Omigrans, the British government in charge did not plan any strict rules. Masks should be worn on local transportation, in shops, theaters, cinemas and museums – but not in pubs and restaurants. 3G rules apply to discos and major events. Restrictions in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are very strict; Regional governments decide here.

General practitioners have criticized the Royal College of General Practitioners Association for failing to vaccinate many at Christmas. Martin Marshall, president of the Times Radio Association, said it was very frustrating. Another problem is the huge disruption in corona self-examination. Finally, not every British person can order tests on the government website, which is supposed to be free. Health Minister Sajid Javed blamed the shortages on problems in global distribution chains.

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