North Korea became a dictator – Kim suddenly lost weight – politics abroad

When Kim Jong-un came to power in North Korea ten years ago, he was seen as a blank slate. It is no more – on the contrary.

Kim is now working on a new 10 year plan. The main meeting of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers’ Party has just begun in the capital, Pyongyang. North Korea’s rulers have shown themselves to be slimmer than they were a few months ago – but they still keep their agenda secret. The world is waiting for Pyongyang …

2011: Kim Jong-un (front left) pays tribute to the body of his father and North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, who died during a funeral procession in Pyongyang.Photo: Uncredited / dpa

The truth is: despite decades of rule, Pyongyang’s dictator is hard to understand as a person and politician abroad.

In his own campaign arena, the ruler wants to be loving and close to the people, but in reality Kim is considered the icy-cold dictator of a state, extending its control and revenge in all areas of civilian life.

Despite years of severe international sanctions that have hampered his country’s economic growth, Kim has stuck to his nuclear weapons program.

Kim Jong-un’s father Kim Jong-il died of a heart attack on December 17, 2011. Through that his son actually took over state affairs. However, it was only after 13 days of mourning that he was officially declared the “supreme leader of our party, army and people” on December 29. He was given dictatorial powers like his father and grandfather Kim Il-sung.

Here Kim was still a dictator - photo taken in 2017

Here Kim was still a dictator – photo taken in 2017Photo: dpa

The path to Kim’s power

What followed was described by the audience as a step towards strengthening power. Kim achieved this through political purges, in which several high-ranking officials, including his uncle Zhang Sang Taek, were killed.

When Kim came to power in the dictatorial state, he was not even 30 years old. Neighbors feared instability in Stalinist-ruled North Korea. Kim Jong-un was unknown even in neighboring South Korea, and his political goals were not clear.

Shortly after taking power he was described at home by a state propaganda machine that could not be described as a “genius of geniuses” – and with that he must undoubtedly be above all else among his comrades.

On the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong Un’s death, North Korea has appealed to the people and military to remain loyal to their son.

Kim recently looked slimmer than ever

Kim recently looked slimmer than everPhoto: KCNA via KNS / dpa

“People have to bear the main burden”

But this time, Kim, who recently appeared slim, is seen at a critical juncture in the regime. In addition to sanctions, North Korea has also been hit hard by the corona.

The already isolated country initially closed its borders due to the epidemic that had a strong impact on trade with China. Kim failed to achieve her economic goals. This could undermine his power, so the audience believes.

South Korean MP Ji Seong-ho, who left North Korea, says prices have risen in the domestic market. “People have to carry the main burden.” After all, “opposition” to Kim is high today among young North Koreans. G. than in Kim Jong-un period.

Kim Jong Un (center) speaks with military leaders at an exhibition of North Korean ICBMs

Kim Jong-un (center) speaks with military leaders at an exhibition of North Korean ICBMsPhoto: / ab

ம்ம Kim’s nuclear weapons played a key role in all of Kim’s activities from the beginning. Former South Korean nuclear negotiator Lee Do Hoon says Kim’s father had a “vague position” on the nuclear program. Kim Jong-un, on the other hand, said, “As soon as he took power, he moved towards active nuclear development.”

நான்கு Four of the six nuclear tests conducted by North Korea so far have been conducted under Kim Jong-un, the largest ever and last in September 2017. , Can carry nuclear weapons.

North Koreans in bronze statues of Kim Il Sung (L.) and Kim Jong Il (R.) in Pyongyang

North Koreans in bronze statues of Kim Il-sung (left) and Kim Jong-il (right) in PyongyangPhoto: Cha Sang Ho / AB

Background: The nuclear program is considered a threat to much of the world. This represents a direct challenge to the United States, which accuses Pyongyang of anti-Pyongyang politics, including Kim’s threats against the United States, but also his diplomacy with Washington, and his three media useful meetings with former US President Donald Trump between June 2018 and June. 2019 brought him to the world political arena. Eventually the two stood empty-handed.

Street view from the capital Pyongyang: Pedestrians running through the snow

Street view from the capital Pyongyang: Pedestrians running through the snowPhoto: KIM WON JIN / AFP

Kim Jong-un-US military policy goals

If Kim sees nuclear weapons as a guarantee of his administration’s political survival, why is he negotiating with Trump about “nuclear weapons”? Lee says sanctions have had increasingly clear consequences. “He (Kim) needs some economic relaxation”. But Trump does not want to ease sanctions or provide economic assistance until Kim makes major concessions on the issue of nuclear disarmament.

Show power: Trucks with missiles in a military parade

Show power: Trucks with missiles in a military parade Photo: / ab

However, according to former German diplomat Thomas Schaefer, easing sanctions on North Korea plays a far-reaching role. “You have to start with North Korea with long-term goals, and the goals have been military-political goals for many years, actually since Kim Jong-un took office,” says the former German ambassador to Pyongyang. This includes putting an end to the joint maneuvers of the United States and South Korea and “then, as a major step, withdrawing US troops.”

According to Shaffer, Kim is not the absolute ruler of the country. He does not make decisions alone. In 2013, when Kim Jong-il’s “military first” policy followed the so-called “Pyongyang” line under Kim Jong-un, there was hope that North Korea could use more resources for the economy. This tax foreshadowed the parallel growth of nuclear power and the economy. “The name campaign,” Schaefer says.

The slogan was intended to disguise the fact that “military-first policy became military-first policy.”

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