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Kim Jong-un (38) is outspoken against the fact that the world only talks about Russia’s occupation and not about him.

Now North Korea threatens to test nuclear bomb and ICPM again!

At Wednesday’s meeting, the Politburo of the Labor Party ordered a review of the confidence-building measures taken by the internationally isolated dictatorship – and “should immediately investigate the resumption of all suspended activities.” This was reported by the North Korean media.

Experts see this as a sign of a ban on testing long-range missiles and nuclear weapons set up by North Korea in 2018.

We have reconsidered the nuclear test as a political tool for themselves: Labor’s Kimmin PolitburoPhoto: via KCNA / REUTERS

“The global community’s focus on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and before the Winter Olympics in Beijing, Kim Jong-un wants to make it clear: ‘I’m still here!'”

“Missile and nuclear tests are part of his vision of forcing concessions in negotiations, both internally and externally.”

Missile tests in North Korea between 1984 and 2020 |

Dr. Frederick is the chairman of the Nauman Foundation in South Korea. Christian Docs sees North Korea as an irreversible nuclear power: “With each new arms development, the country increases the price of negotiations to ease sanctions and strengthens the impossibility of exclusion from the circle of nuclear powers. Is power, ”the Korean expert told BILD.

The United States has reached the “danger frontier”.

Following the reports, a party meeting chaired by “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong-un discussed how future actions against the United States should be guided.

The US government has been accused of pursuing hostile policies and reaching “dangerous levels.” The task of national security must therefore be to strengthen “physical mechanisms by which anti-American activities are controlled.”

North Korea has conducted four weapons tests this year

North Korea has conducted four weapons tests this yearPhoto: / ab

︎ The regime last tested a nuclear weapon on September 8, 2017 (for the sixth time). It was said at the time that the bomb was the strongest ever.

Fears have long been high abroad that North Korea may resume its nuclear weapons tests. Kim had already announced at the end of 2019 that Pyongyang was not bound by its test ban.

The background is the lack of progress in negotiations with the United States over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

“Political leadership derives crucial parts of the country’s self-confidence and recommended identity from military equipment. With 1.3 million soldiers against its total population of 25 million, it has been one of the largest forces in the world for many years, “Docs explained.

Carde / Map: Info Sheet North Korea - Infographic

The U.S. Treasury Department recently passed new sanctions against North Korea. Among other things, five North Koreans have been added to the embargo list, with the ministry accusing them of buying supplies for their country’s disaster and missile programs.

In addition, the United States wants to implement new sanctions through the United Nations. The United States has retaliated against six short-range missile tests conducted by North Korea since last September. UN resolutions prohibit the country from such trials.

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