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Edited by Jorn Kiesler and Katja Gobel WDR-Newsroom.

Topic of the day

Digital Vehicle Registration: Fast and Cheap • Henceforth, not only private individuals should own cars, motorcycles, etc Vehicle Register, change and cancel online. Legal entities such as dealers, insurance companies or car rental companies can now do this.

Another innovation is that once owners have registered or transferred their vehicles online, they can use the vehicles immediately, even if they have not yet received the stickers for their number plates in the mail. Instead, they can print a temporary registration certificate.

Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) as a result the fees can also be significantly reduced. The Federal Motor Transport Authority today wants to provide information on how many motor vehicle registration offices in Germany already offer registration via the Internet.

The news is out NRW

Process begins for slaughterhouse scandal in Selm • The boss and three employees of Broad Abattoir in Selm have been charged with breaching the Animal Welfare Act in Loonen District Court. They are said to have killed nearly 200 cattle and goats without anesthesia. It is banned in Germany. If convicted, the sentence could be several years in prison. The employer cannot stand trial now, so initially only his employees stand trial.

Aachen Peace Prize Presentation • Presentation of the Aachen Peace Prize • You fight against injustice with great courage and civil courage, for which the two efforts of Russia and Israel will be awarded the Peace Prize in Aachen this evening. On the one hand, the feminist anti-Russian war organization FAR receives the prize, on the other hand the Israeli Lawyers Network “Human Rights Defense Fund“.

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75 years of Parliamentary Council – Celebration at Panil • 75 years ago, the parliament that created the Basic Law met at the Koenig Museum in Bonn. President Olaf Scholz is also in town for today’s ceremony. Other guests will include speeches by Bundestag President Bärbel Bas and former Federal President Joachim Gauck.

More headlines

Germans are dissatisfied with the government. According to ARD Deutschlandtrend, job satisfaction in the federal government has reached a new low. According to this, the proportion of respondents who were very satisfied or satisfied with the government’s performance in the past four weeks fell from 21 to 19 percent. This is the lowest since the coalition took over in December 2021. However, according to the current survey, 79 percent are less or not satisfied SPDThe Greens and the FDP.

Sunday Question 08/31/23 | Image source: Infratest Dimap

CDU Examination completed in Sauerland • Leaders of the CDU/CSU faction end a two-day retreat in Schmallenberg today. A development agenda, the “Sauerland Declaration”, was published in the evening. Among others, it deals with topics such as reduction of bureaucracy, energy prices, investment incentives, limitation of social security contributions and housing construction. In particular, overtime of full-time employees and work after retirement age should be tax-deductible. “The higher transfer payments announced by the Union Minister of Social Affairs for the income of the citizen next year will continue to make many private households to calculate whether they are still eligible to work. Here the full statistics of our welfare state are not correctMerz said in today’s issue.

Most people use the train According to a survey, the Deutschlandticket has attracted hundreds of thousands of people to local public transport who previously did not use it. Eight percent of ticket buyers said they had never used public transport before, according to nationwide market research by the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV). A total of around 10 million passengers used the Deutschlandticket in July and August. Five percent of all journeys with a Deutschland-ticket are made by car without a ticket.

Is the mask coming soon? | Image Credit: Image Alliance / CHROMORANGE

Masking again in the fall? • Janosz Dahmen, health policy spokesman for the Greens in the Bundestag, suggested wearing masks again in the autumn. “In order to protect yourself from acute respiratory diseases, it makes sense to wear a protective mask in care facilities, clinics and other areas of the healthcare system this fall.“, said Dahmen editorial network Germany.”There are increasing indications that the burden on the health system due to acute respiratory infections may increase significantly again in the coming autumn/winter..”

Controversial pension reform comes into force in France • This is the political issue of the first half of the year in France: pension reform. For months, millions of people took to the streets again and again. Unions and the government showed a strength not seen in long-strike-prone France. Politically, the manner in which the reform was implemented had also drawn much criticism. This scheme is effective from today.

Drawing Champions LeagueBVB On the hammer panel • Which opponents the German participants in the Champions League will face in the upcoming group stage have been decided since yesterday evening. Tough opponents await Group F runners-up Borussia Dortmund: it’s against Paris Saint-Germain Holy. Jermaine, Ac Milan and Newcastle United. Bayern Munich, on the other hand, have problems to solve: German football’s record champions meet Manchester United in Group A. FC Copenhagen and Galatasaray Istanbul. Cup winner RB Leipzig face defending champions Manchester City. In its premiere in the premier class, Union Berlin meet Italian champions Real Madrid, record winners. SSC Napoli and Sporting Braga from Portugal.

Weather in NRW

Autumn is coming Image credit: Federico Gambarini/dpa

Clouds and rain move west • Autumn is here – at least from the point of view of meteorologists, September 1 marks the beginning of autumn weather. The weather in NRW is mixed. The day starts with loose clouds in the northeast of the country and is mostly dry. However, in other parts of NRW, it is raining again and again. From the afternoon, local thunderstorms will become more prevalent in Westphalia. Occasional heavy rain is likely. The temperature ranges from 19 to 22 degrees. Coincidentally, the calendar start of autumn takes its time until September 23.

And by …

The 29th Montcolfiade took place in 2019. | Image source: WDR/dpa/Markus Klümper

30th Montgolfiade begins in Warstein • After an involuntary hiatus of three years, the 30th Montcolfiade begins today in Warstein. Last year’s balloonW.M Canceled in Sauerland due to energy crisis. In the previous two years Corona However, today, spectacular balloons, unique special shapes and mass launches are seen again. With over 150 teams registered – the World Cup is one of the biggest balloon meets in the world. 100,000 visitors are expected in the next few days.

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