There are still a couple of months to go before Google officially unveils its next-gen Pixel 2 phones. But multiple sources, citing a leaked image published by Android Police, gives us yet another look at prospective Pixel 2 XL design.

Android Police, with its credible track of Nexus and Pixel devices in the past, has published an image which is believed to be the larger Google Pixel 2 phone. That said, the report still indicates that this might not be the final design of the upcoming Google Pixel 2 XL. However, if this turns out to be accurate, then it’s rather clear that Google is trying to up its game in the display department.

As going by the leaked image, the bezels are clearly smaller around the OLED display compared to last year’s Pixel range. Also, the display appears to be flat with a hint of curved glass at the edges.

Check out the leaked image below.

Pixel 2 XL
Image Credits: Android Police

Apart from that, the overall design aesthetics don’t drift away too much from last year’s Pixel range. It just appears a more well-rounded design. For instance, the glass window on the back looks smaller. Also, the placement of the fingerprint sensor appears to be slightly lower on the back compared to the original Pixel, which should make it easily accessible.

Not to forget, even the cut out for the primary camera lens appears much larger than last year’s Pixel model. However, it appears Google won’t hop onto the dual-camera bandwagon, as the leaked picture shows just one camera lens.

Furthermore, Android Police’s David Ruddock in a tweet also hinted that Google might consider some interesting color options for upcoming Pixel devices. That said, there was no mention of exact color choices.

Elsewhere, purported images of Pixel 2 cases were also posted on Slash Leaks. Interestingly, even these alleged leaked cases of the Pixel XL 2 suggest it’ll have much smaller bezels compared to its predecessor.

alleged pixel 2 xl case
Image Credits: SlashLeaks

Not to mention, the leaked image of the cases also show bigger camera cut outs which suggest the Pixel 2 will indeed feature larger cut outs for the primary camera module. Finally, the leaked cases also suggest that upcoming Pixel 2 devices will have their fingerprint sensors on their backs, just like current-gen Pixel phones.