NATO could face an affront to Putin — because of concerns about Trump's election victory

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Military aid to Ukraine should become NATO's responsibility for fear of Donald Trump's election victory. The move could anger Russia.

BRUSSELS – Tie NATO In the future it wants to take the coordination of arms supply to Ukraine into its own hands. Aid cannot be contingent on changes in US policy – ​​that would be a reversal of course of historical proportions.

Specifically, this means: NATO supposedly wants them Military aid from Ramstein's form will have its own role in the future to do reports that Handelsblatt Citing Western government officials and diplomats. Part of the reason for this is concern over the possibility of Donald Trump returning to the White House.

NATO worries about Trump – he could bring down the alliance

So far, military support for Ukraine has been coordinated from the US “Ramstein Air Base” in Rhineland-Palatinate. Representatives of 50 countries meet there frequently to discuss aid. However, meetings have also taken place elsewhere, for example ahead of NATO defense ministers meeting in Brussels or by video conference.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Donald Trump during Trump's first term. © IMAGO/Shealah D. Craighead

However, this may be the end Donald Trump To win the 2024 US presidential election. Republicans are already blocking new military aid to Ukraine in Congress — and with Donald Trump as president, it could be stopped altogether. There are also fears that if Trump wins the election, he could severely limit US participation in NATO. In his last term, he had almost brought down what he already considered an “outdated” coalition.

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Aid to Ukraine from NATO – but no sovereign decisions of individual member states?

NATO has always insisted that aid to Ukraine is a sovereign decision for individual member states – perhaps to avoid angering Russia. However, the step is useful.

In addition, NATO's assessment of Russia's view of military assistance to Ukraine has now changed. From a Russian point of view, it is clear that the alliance is engaged in conflict – after all, almost all NATO countries are now providing weapons for defense. Ukraine war. That's why you keep it loud Handelsblatt It is now being advised to integrate the Ramstein design into NATO structures in preparation for a possible shift in Washington.

Before the plan can be implemented, NATO still has to discuss the steps drawn up by US Defense Adviser Jack Sullivan and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. According to the newspaper, this will happen in a few days.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg is confident – the central government is skeptical

Stoltenberg is committed to the move and has been pushing it internally for a long time, even as he tries to outwardly downplay concerns about Trump's return, it said. “I believe that the United States will remain a staunch NATO ally regardless of the election results, because it is in the interests of the United States,” Stoltenberg recently told a US broadcaster. CNN.

However, there are reports that the central government is skeptical about this move Handelsblatt. There are fears that such a plan would help the Kremlin's narrative that NATO is waging war against Russia. Berlin also claimed that the Ramstein model would better integrate non-NATO states. (tpn)

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