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More than 300 kilometers by sea: Activist flees China to South Korea on jet ski Politics


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What a wonderful escape!

Activist Kwon Pyong jumped on his jet ski in China’s Shandong province and fled 300 kilometers across the Yellow Sea to South Korea. One-and-a-half-year-old Quan ChinaJailed for comparing dictator Xi Jinping, 70, to Adolf Hitler, he was arrested on arrival in South Korea. The activist wants to seek asylum there.

For his life-threatening crossing, Kwon Pyong only had a life jacket, helmet, compass, binoculars and five petrol drums. In the Yellow Sea, he repeatedly refueled his jet ski and dumped empty barrels into the water, the Coast Guard said.

It’s unclear how long Guan was away.

One thing is certain: the activist got stuck with his jet ski in the Wadden Sea off the port city of Incheon and had to call for help. The Coast Guard immediately arrested the Korean-born Chinese. However, there is no doubt that Kwan Pyong may be a spy.

On his T-shirt, Guan Biang compared Chinese dictator Xi Jinping to Adolf Hitler.

Photo: Private

Instead, in the spring of 2017, the activist was sentenced to one and a half years in prison by a Chinese court for “insulting the authority of the state and the socialist system.” A few months ago, Kwon wore a T-shirt that read “Zitler” in public and compared Xi Jinping to Adolf Hitler. A punishable disgrace to the Communist regime.

Human rights activists suspect that Kwan Pyong spent the time between his arrest in September 2016 and the verdict in a secret torture prison. The Chinese government has kept its critics at bay for months They disappear to unknown places where they are mistreated by the police.

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In March 2019, Kwan served his sentence. Even after their release, dissidents typically live under constant surveillance by the Beijing regime.

Probability that the enthusiast is inside South Korea Allowance to stay is limited. The country only grants political asylum to a handful of people a year. Only refugees from North Korea are allowed to stay without any problems because South Korea considers them citizens. The Chinese embassy in Seoul declined to comment on the incident.

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