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What a shame for Russian dictator Putin!

After Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin, 71, explained Russia's historic claim to Ukraine to former US journalist Tucker Carlson, 54, Mongolia's former president Tsachiakin Elpkhedorj laughed at the absurd theory in his own view of world history.

On X (formerly Twitter) Elbegdorj posted world maps showing the former great Mongol Empire. Large parts of Russia and all of Asia belong to Mongolia.

But today Mongolia makes no claim because of its history. He writes with a wink: “Don't worry. We are a peaceful and free nation!

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Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier met with Mongolian President Ukhna Kurelchuk in early February — embarrassing his predecessor, Russian dictator Putin.

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The Mongol Empire was huge!

From 1206, Mongolia grew into a global empire under Genghis Khan. During his lifetime, until around 1228, the second largest empire in human history was created – second only to the British Empire at the turn of the 20th century.

26 million square kilometers of land for 100 million people – the area of ​​the Mongol Empire that today spanned northern China, southern Russia, and eastern Kazakhstan.

Background: For the first time since the military invasion of Ukraine, Putin spoke to a Western journalist a week ago on Tuesday!

Wanting to let the world know that Ukraine was indeed Russian territory, Putin provided the maps and in 862 began the historic “Kievan Rus” – the basis for modern Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Putin spent half an hour on his ridiculous history lesson

Putin spent half an hour on his ridiculous history lesson


After a long time, Putin reached the 17th century with his theories and insisted on giving Karlsson a “document” of letters.

Even Carlson was taken aback by Putin's statements about the Ukraine attack — he himself expected the upcoming NATO attack to be decisive in Putin's eyes.

Now a Russian neighbor is taunting Putin: Elbergdorsch embarrasses Putin with maps showing the former Mongol Empire.

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