Microsoft finally starts rolling out its Office 365 suite of apps which also brings integration of LinkedIn within Outlook.com. Now, this means that users can view profile picture, work history, insights, and more right from within their inbox.

The release of Office 365 also marks the end of the line for the premium version of Outlook.com as a standalone product. From now onward, features found in premium version of Outlook compared to its free version will be found in Office 365. Hence, Office 365 subscribers won’t have to subscribe separately for Outlook.com Premium as all its unique features will be introduced in Office 365 itself.

In case you didn’t know, the premium version of Outlook offers a slew of advantages over its free version. For instance, Outlook.com Premium offers an ad-free experience which gives a clutter free user interface. It also consumes less data thereby making mails load much faster.

Elsewhere, it also provides additional protection against malware as it comes with advanced detection tools for scanning malware compared to its free version.

Finally, the premium version of Outlook.com also gives users access to 50GB of storage compared to its free version where users get just 15GB of storage.

To recall, Microsoft released Outlook.com Premium back in February 2017 priced at $19 per year. Though from now on, all its premium features will be found in Office 365, which means users won’t have to purchase a standalone subscription to enjoy its unique features.

“We continued to improve the intelligent services in Office 365 with a new set of cloud-powered features designed to save you time and produce better results,” wrote Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President of the Office team in a blog post.

However, Microsoft has confirmed that users who’ve subscribed for both Office 365 as well as the premium version of Outlook.com will not be entitled for a refund.