Microsoft has just announced a slew of changes to the way third party antivirus will be treated starting with the Fall Creators Update. The move comes after an European antitrust complaint filed by security company Kaspersky in Russia and Europe. Microsoft now plans to address a number of issues with Windows 10 feature updates presented forward by Kaspersky.

According to Kaspersky, Microsoft disabled its anti-virus software during Windows 10 updates. Besides, Microsoft has also been acused of being in a dominant position to promote its own Windows Defender software Kaspersky further adds that once third-party antivirus software is about to reach expiry date, reminders to renew licenses do not show up and most users can be left without third-party protection. Once the license expires, Windows Defender is automatically re-enabled, replacing anti-virus from third parties like Kaspersky.

Microsoft did mention back in June that Windows 10 notifies users to install updated versions of an anti-virus from third party vendors after an update, however, Windows automatically disbales the old verson if that isn’t found to be compatible.

Microsoft now says that starting with the Fall Creators Update, they’ll be more transparent with the way its Windows 10 OS treats anti-virus from third party vendors. They’ll be allowed to look at compatibility issues for each Windows Update in advance. Microsoft also said that it’ll increase the amount of time anti-virus companies will have to analayze and review final buids before the next Windows feature update is rolled out to customers.

“We have modified how Windows will inform users when their antivirus application has expired and is no longer protecting them. Instead of providing an initial toast notification that users could ignore, the new notification will persist on the screen until the user either elects to renew the existing solution or chooses to rely on Windows Defender or another solution provider,” said Microsoft.

Kaspersky has now decided to withdraw its complaint after Microsoft announced a series of changes with the way Windows 10 will work with third-party antivirus in the Fall Creators Update.