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Michael Cera Was ‘Depressed’ Once Filming of 2010 ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Finished – The Hollywood Reporter


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Michael Cera reveals he had ‘a lot of fun’ filming in 2010 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World It was difficult for him once production wrapped.

in meeting with GQposted on YouTube Wed, Barbie The actor said while it was a long shoot for the Edgar Wright-directed film, and he spent about nine months on set, he had a great time with his fellow cast members.

“We just had the best atmosphere with everyone,” he recalls. “I think it came from Edgar and the energy he was creating. We all had to rehearse together and spend a lot of time together before we started making the movie.”

In the movie, it is based on the graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim Written by Brian Lee O’Malley Cera’s Scott Pilgrim, guitarist for a garage rock band, must battle his evil new girlfriend Seven Seven to win her heart and vie for a record deal.

the Very bad The actor said that by the end of filming, he felt like, “This is my world, this is my group of friends” and he wished it “was always that way”. But once he realized everyone was going their own way to work on other projects, he admitted he was “a little depressed.”

“It all goes away, and you’re like, ‘Where has everyone gone?'” the actor added. “

As he got older, he began to accept that this was the way the industry worked. But Serra said he was still “grieving his loss” and “could have continued to do that [Scott Pilgrim vs. the World] Forever, even though it was exhausting.”

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On Wednesday, a new teaser for Scott Pilgrim takes off, an upcoming Netflix animated series. The cast of the 2010 film also returned to voice their original roles in the anime, including Cera. The series’ eight episodes premiere November 17 on Netflix.

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