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Emmanuel Macron smiles at the camera Image credit: AFP/John Thys

The federal president’s office in Berlin announced on Saturday that Macron had asked for the trip to be postponed. Macron actually wanted to go to Germany on a three-day state visit. The official visitation program should begin on Monday.

17-year-old Nahel H. Violent riots broke out across France on the fourth night after the death in police shootings. The Home Ministry announced that more than 1,300 people were arrested across the country on Saturday night. 79 policemen were injured.

A total of 1,350 cars caught fire on Saturday night – with the Interior Ministry reporting 2,560 sources of fire on public roads. Also, 31 police stations were attacked.

Died in riots in French Guiana

Demonstrators and police officers during riots in France on July 1, 2023 | Image credit: WDR/dpa/Lewis Joly

Meanwhile, unrest spread not only to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, but also to French territories in the Caribbean. A 54-year-old civil servant was ricocheted and killed in French Guiana’s capital, Cayenne, on Thursday evening (local time) when officers opened fire.

On Saturday afternoon, a 17-year-old boy killed during a police raid on Tuesday was buried with his immediate family in his hometown of Nanterre.

How did the shooting on the youth happen on Tuesday? Why so much police violence in France? Questions and answers.

How did a fatal police shooting come to be shown on video?

Traffic control in the suburbs of Paris Nanterre On Tuesday morning, motorcycle patrol officers stopped a car with three occupants. Someone from the station France info In the verified video, one of the officers points his gun at the driver of a parked car.

Drive-by shooting – 17-year-old dead during police raid | St
00:23 At the very least
Available until 06/28/2024

The situation appears to be under control and there are no signs of a flurry of movement. When the 17-year-old suddenly swerved behind the wheel, the officer shot the teenager at close range.

The car then went a few meters further and finally hit a road block. One passenger, a minor, was arrested and later released. The other passenger fled, according to the state attorney’s office.

How do the police officers involved explain this incident?

the sea France info Patrol officers initially said the youth wanted to run them over. They later backtracked on this version, saying he didn’t follow their orders and then suddenly accelerated — no more talk of an intent to kill.

The suspected shooter is currently in custody. He is being investigated on suspicion of murder.

Is there more police violence in France than in Germany?

Fabian Joppard, Political Scientist | Image credit: Fabian Jobart

“Police violence is more widespread in France than in Germany”Says the political scientist Fabian Jobard WDR. The Frenchman, who lives in the suburbs of Paris, is director of research at the national science center CNRS and has often dealt with police violence.

There are no clear statistics for national comparisons of police violence Jobart. However, we can quote a few statistics from France, which are not available in Germany:

  • 13 people Died by police while driving alone in 2022 in France.
  • 30 people Between 1995 and 2018, the police lost an eye to rubber bullets.
  • 25 more people He lost an eye to police rubber bullets during the “Yellow Coat” protests.

Nevertheless, the use of police force is not uncommon in Germany as well. This is shown, among others, by the extensive study “Violence in the office”, in which the Ruhr University Bochum legal scholar Tobias Singelnstein also participated.

How does widespread police violence occur in France?

He says the police in France are generally more aggressive than in Germany Jobart. This is reflected in their behavior on the one hand and their equipment on the other.

This is especially evident in police operations Suburb — that is, in the densely populated suburbs of large cities, especially Paris — “Basically Coping Procedures” will be recognisable.

Destroyed ATMs in Marseille | Image credit: WDR/Sabine Dick

Police officers often carry out casual patrols with helmets, protective clothing and hard rubber weapons in hand. And instead of asking for something friendly, a commanding tone prevails. with a “A kind of indifference that leads to violence“, he says Jobart.

He says it will be hard to change everything. It depends on the special economic and social situation of the country Suburb Together, but with police unions that are very strong in France and not interested in changing anything. Additionally, politicians have no room for maneuver. In principle, he wants the police to take tougher measures because of the high risk of terrorism in France.

We also reported on this topic on radio news including WDR5 on July 1, 2023 at 7:00 AM.

Protests in France: Politics “no strategies”
WDR 5 Morgenecho – Interview
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Available until 06/29/2024

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